Changing tides of oblivion

6cbfde93c2a2e2b19a0874ff823f1955I sit here and I wonder how life can change, life’s chapters leading to each other in a heart beat and yet so distinguished that it is known to be the new rather than the old. We often are oblivious to life’s changes, the progression from the past to the future, from our waking thoughts to our reality. A chance meeting, bumping trolly’s in the store, a long lost relative returning, the guy at the check out counter, can alter one’s life’s course – think about it, life is just one big adventure.

At times life can feel out of control, spinning at such a speed that one gets dizzy, you need to hold on to something just to ground yourself. Then there are those times when it feels as though life has slowed to a stand still, you feel that things aren’t moving fast enough, you want to jump out of your skin and let loose! This is the extreme of both worlds, when we are in one of “them” we wish for the other, pray for the other even, ironic…

Most of us go through life unaware of the changes, the transition from chapter to chapter… whether this is bliss or ignorance I do not know and often find myself wondering but at the same time I find it more inspiring knowing.

There are three types of people I find:  There are those that never know the difference, never experience the “enlightening”; then there are those that got through the first phase of unknowing but experience an awakening later on in life, this experience can sometimes be overwhelming and energising at the same time; then finally you get those who seem to have been born awakened, these are the old souls, the ones that are wise before their time. You will notice within the people you meet from day to day, the way they act, the way they hold themselves and by the things they say which one they are.

This here be the boring ramblings of a strange soul…

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