Packing up the past…

Don’t know about you, but every now and then I’ll be asked the question… “If you you were told today that the world was coming to an end and you had to choose 5 items to take with you to the moon, what would they be?”

When one thinks of it, it seems a simple question to answer, we rattle the top five things that pop into our head and think nothing more of it. But the longer you think about it, the longer you ponder, when you walk into that question in the living day, 5 items becomes harder and harder…

Packing up the past, selecting memento’s to take into the future… how does one decide what is dear to ones soul? I look around me at the life I used to lead, used to have, used to inhibit. The thing’s I have collected, my memento’s gathered around my feet, I look at it all and feel so distant from them as if they belonged to another person.

You’ll find the impulse to throw it all away, the desire to start afresh so strong at times that you find yourself ripping papers, photo’s, art to pieces. You’ll find yourself giving away that favourite jersey that you haven’t worn in ten years. You’ll find the need to simply emplified

I am packing up my life, my past and moving continents to my future, to greener pastures, to unchartered waters. Back when I was young, this move was nothing at all, I would do it in a heart beat – throw my things in the bag and set off into the blue yonder horizon without a care in the world. For me it is strange that the older we get the more memories we gather, the more useless items we hold dear because of what it meant to us in that time or other in our lives… pure clutter and yet so dear…

6 boxes to fill, 6 boxes to take along into my new life… 3 done 3 to go… almost time to say goodbye to the past… almost time…

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