The Forgotten Children


The resilience of the human spirit,
Untold horrors of the world assaulting the youth,
Shattering their known instinct of what they need,
Destroying their dreams,
Enticing them by showing what they’re missing in the laughter of others.

Loss, abuse, beatings, rejection, abandonment, homeless, unloved, disbelieved, forgotten with destiny in young hands.

We survive,
We grieve, we build escape,
Our skin grows hard,
We reject before rejected,
We abandon before abandoned,
We treasure our own homes,
We love others and smother them,
We don’t forget others in need,
We smile, we laugh,
We’ve see the dark side of life.

We are the forgotten children,
The ones who strive for hope when we have never been shown its existence,
The ones who love whole hearted when we were never shown what it is to be loved unconditionally,
The ones who care and sacrifice when we have seen no one do it before us.

This is who we are, this is what we are, we are the children brought up on untrained instinct.

Feeling hopeless, helpless, lost and lifeless our hidden truth.
Needing love, affection, belonging, safety, security and friendship our inner longing.
Wanting to live, experience happiness, laugh till we cry and amnesia our inner mission.

This is who we are, the forgotten children,
We are the unheard generation,
We are survivors of abuse,
We are survivors of adults,
We are survivors living the best we know how.

We are hidden from you,
But we are there,
If you were just to look harder,
If you believed, you will see the tears,
Tears of children not crocodiles.

Look and you will see us everywhere
We are your neighbours
We are your children
We are your grandkids
We are your friends
We are the future adults
We are everywhere

4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Children

  1. This is just intensely beautiful. Those are the words that come to mind; haunting and truthful; you really did expose yourself so much here….. and look at you know, you are a soul letting its beauty be known. I love you, sis……

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