Transition phase, back to the future…

Change is a very strange animal, it has many variants, some easy and some plain torture. The transition phase is one of the hardest phases, the time in between worlds where nothing is certain and yet at the same time change is moving forward. The only way to get through this phase is to put one foot in front of the other, step by step you carry yourself forward, reaffirming your decision on a daily basis, dreaming about the future that you have chosen.

If you can draw a picture, divide the page into three – write past on the left, transition in the middle and future on the right. Once you have done that you can then divide each section in to three again – beginning, “in the mix” and final stages. These individual stages of each of the sections have different intensities, the “in the mix” is normally the easiest to deal with.

Right now is the beginning stage of the transition phase as I call it. New surroundings, the past is the past and yet the future is yet to be the future. I am more lucky than most though I must admit for I know that my transition phase will only last 2 and a bit weeks, it will end when I am on the plane heading to England, the place I have always felt to be my home.

I shan’t be sad when I leave South Africa, I will not cry for the country I leave behind, rather for the few special people that are close to my heart. The honesty of the feelings I feel is so intense and yet so pure, the relief of the past few days being over overwhelms me at times and yet I sit here now and just grin… it’s one step closer to my future, one step more in the right direction… step by step, minute by minute the future gets closer and closer…

Once again I am grateful for the patience of my friends, the ones close to my heart!

Your thoughts?

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