Effect and Cause, the energy of living…

Have you ever walked away from someone after talking to them and felt either totally drained or energized? If you think about it long enough certain people will pop into your head, the draining ones first and secondly the energizing ones. We all give off energy either positive or negative, we all have a decision as to which it will be.

Now if you think of the saying “Positive people attract positive things” comes to mind, it makes sense in the end – if we are all positive then other positive people will be attracted to us because we give them energy and keep there positives high. In life, so often we get those negative people in our lives, they drain our spirit and destroy our positivity – when we walk away from them we feel drained, depressed and morose. In small doses the negative people are manageable but if left over time in close proximity to you their negative energy starts to work on you, you become negative and draining, not fun to be with.

I shall give you an example. I have been working for a young vibrant firm for the last 5 years, for the first three it was energising, fun and in general a positive place to be. In the last two years, due to a bad hire in the HR Department, the company has taken a dive towards the negative, it has become a prison for so many and our employee turnover has increased exponentially. Most of the positive people have left leaving only the ones that either sway in the balance or are just plain negative. I have lasted through the two years of the negativity but it has taken it’s toll, I have lost my positive drive for the company and find it hard to get it back, although I do so on a daily basis I am not always successful.

In life there will always be those that drain us and those that energise us, it is our decision whether we are willing to deal with the drainers or not, it is our decision whether we are willing to just accept it or move on…

One thought on “Effect and Cause, the energy of living…

  1. This is so true.Well, I have never worked in a negative firm but the part were negative people drain you.I am not that old but I have a lot of negative people around me so I have begun being negative and have to pull myself out of it every single day just so that I don’t become completely one of them.But I think that all people begin positive and either they hang around a person who is just in a negative mood for too long and become pure negative and then just pass it along to other people just because one person had a bad day, or that they have had really bad experiences.Anyway I just wanted to say it was true and that you are completely right(from my perspective)>

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