Progression of Long Goodbyes…

If you think back to how it was when we were younger, saying goodbye to those that we love were less emotional, quicker and way more easier. When I first decided to skip the country and go travel for two years saying goodbye to loved ones was easy, just a matter of a temporary goodbye…

As one grows up we gather emotions, feelings, we gather background and baggage that we find difficult to shed. Going on 7 years now and that time has come once again to say those goodbyes. Short goodbyes with little emotion have turned into more heart breaking experiences. Each time you hug someone and utter those words it feels as though my heart breaks a million times over as if I will never see them again.

Since finding out about my friend who was diagnosed with terminal cancer last week with the death sentence of 2 weeks I have come to believe that we should always treat those we love with honest feelings. We should never part with an angry word, an upset episode or bad feelings for you never know what the future holds…

The baggage that we gather sits on our shoulders and lives in our hearts. So often we don’t even realise that we carry it with us, we carry on, move on and just store it in the back rooms of our minds. Be rest assured though, if we never deal with our skeletons they will find their way back to us, we can not hide from them eternally.

So the morale of the story is to always love those who love you, be kind and forgive…

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