Truth and lies

The study of body language has gone back centuries, in the olden days it wasn’t really a noted subject but rather a natural teaching from parent to child, an instinct if you will. In latter years it has taken on a totally different perspective, it is now studied at schools, universities and colleges.

The most amazing teaching though that just fascinates me is the truth/lie detector in a persons body language. A person may lie about their true feelings in order to protect your feelings and as to not hurt you but the body can not lie no matter how hard the mind tries.

The sad part is that we see this on a daily basis, although to the untrained eye it doesn’t seem like anything at all but when you see it, it is so blatant and in your face it can break your heart. Sometimes I think it is better to be ignorant for then you do not have to sit with the situation of dealing with the lie… maybe sometimes it is just better to leave the person to their lie and move on to greener pastures. The really sad thing is though that the person may not be aware that they have lied (even odder don’t you think…)

Who knows maybe I am talking a load of bollock’s, maybe I am just hyper sensitive at the moment but then again maybe I am spot on…

To be honest I believe it is the latter…

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