Lost in a world of roaming souls

Today I am extremely sad for my friend, as I sit here with silent tears running down my cheeks I feel guilty – who am I to feel bad, to be sad when he lies in hospital putting on the brave face, holding as strong as he can be… who am I to feel such things?

I am not the one saying goodbye to my girlfriend knowing that it is the last time I will see her the last time alive; I am not the one lying there in such pain that I can barely breathe, who am I to feel so devastated, so lost.

I am a roaming soul that feels more than the normal person, I feel intensely, I relate to most feelings, everyones feelings and I feel them as my own. Is this my wish or is it nature, I do not know, is it a curse or a blessing, I do not know, all I do know is that sometimes the pain gets to be too much. I can feel my friends pain, anger and confusion as to why fate has done this to him. Saying goodbye to your sister and your nephew for the last time knowing that you will never see them again – those emotions he felt, can you imagine it as you sit there reading this?

Doesn’t all of this put everthing else into perspective – doesn’t it make you think that your life isn’t that bad after all? Think a bit about it, who and what would you say to those that loved you if you knew that you only had a couple of weeks to live, what would you say to them? Yeah, I am clueless as well – there is nothing to say other than the words uttered so often in vain “I love you”…

Know I am going on a bit about living our lives to the max but I can’t express to you enough just how much this phrase is true. Time and time again we are shown how short our lives can be and yet we carry on like we could live forever, not caring who we hurt, who we love, who we admire, who we cause pain, we seemingly don’t care…

After having this thought revolve around my head all day and night I have come to a conclusions…  to live each day as it were your last, to love everyone, to treat them as you would wish yourself to be treated, to be fair, to have fun, be happy with what you have and to live…

Your thoughts?

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