The day after tomorrow

As I sit here tonight and the thought crosses my mind of how we always worry about what tomorrow may bring, often to the point were we stress and worry about it so much that we forget to live the day at hand. How often do we sit and think, over analyze and stress about the things we do not know will happen, the things we think may happen and may never happen. We tend to swing in the balance so very often, between living in the past and then in a future we do not know, perhaps this is so we do not think of our current situations as they stand…?

I feel that none of the options available to us are ultimately right except maybe for the one of “living for the now”, sound strange? Probably but I have lived in the past, lived in the future I do not know and now trying to get back to living the life I have today. So many people live in the past they had, be it good or bad, they over analyze it, go over and over the events that took place to the point that it breaks their spirit, their self-esteem and their outlook. The same goes for those who stress about the future, as I have said before, they stress as I have done, on things that are out in our immediate control – in the end driving us sick with worry, stress and torment… what is the point?

Living in the now can be just as scary, trust me I know, but the difference is you actually have more control on the now, it is the decisions that you make today that directly effect the tomorrow. You can feel these decisions, deal with the wrong ones and enjoy the right ones today….

So my question to you is… tomorrow you might be dead… which option is the right one for you?

… just another rambling by a wondering soul…

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