Life and it’s trials

How often do you feel that life has just become too complicated, too much to sustain or bare? Sometimes things happen to us in such a short space of time it can feel as if someone is strangling the life out of us, stealing our air, our freedom and peace of mind. Is it us that over complicate life, over analyse it? or is it rather quite literally too much for anyone to handle under the circumstances?


For some this question may seem rather simple and straight forward to answer, but to those who are like me it baffles me to the point of distraction… maybe a distraction in order to simplify the way things are, the way things get too much, maybe I ask it in order to find air in order to breathe…


In times that are so complicated, when it feels as though nothing can go right and suffocation takes the place of peace I try to imagine that I am standing in a hot air balloon floating high in the sky with all my troubles below me… don’t know if it will work for you but it is kind of peaceful floating up there and also puts the mind set of control over your problems in place… try it… you never know…

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