Defining Moments… its up to us

Defining moments… how would one begin to describe these in ones life? We have all had them, they either shape us or break us but ultimately it is up to us what we do with them. We can either learn from them or wallow in the fact that these moments happened to us.

So often we can get so wrapped up in the moment that we forget the lessons learned and the strength that we once had within us. One’s defining moments can be that of good and bad, a mixture of both that ultimately make us who we are, shape our behaviour and alter our opinions. So often we have bad experiences and our reactions spiral out of control and instead of looking at things as they are we go on a blame game induced by over analysing.

The blame game is often easier to handle, the easy way out and I don’t say this lightly. It is far easier to blame someone else or a situation than to look within yourself and grow from it, far easier to wallow that look deeply, feel, go through the motions and deal with the situation as it stands. No I am not coping out nor am I saying that it is an easy feat to take the hard road, not saying I am a pro at it either but ultimately what it really is… is a choice, a choice that only we can make of how we handle these moments.

Our lives are shaped by the events that happened within but how it is shaped is up to us, only we have that power to do with those moments as we will… only we can decide if it will break us, only we can decide if we will grow from it…

I know at times as you read this I may seem cold and distant, I may seem matter of fact or even like I know the facts not the experience, this is not the case. In my time I have been called a raging bull in the night never giving up the fight but I understand both sides of the fence for I have been on both…

… just another rambling yet again…

Your thoughts?

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