Time to say goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye to a friend so close to my heart that I feel it breaking into a thousand pieces as type these words. My friend passed away this afternoon after fighting the cancer that riddled his body for just 5 months, he was only 31 and had so much living still to do. His plans to go round the world next year fall away, his cycling trip across Northern America a forgotten dream but the one thing he never gave up till he could no more was his fight for life.

Life is full of opportunity, this is what he taught me… grab life by the balls and hold on tight but never give up without a decent fight.

He will be dearly missed by so many, never to be forgotten now rests in peace with the angels.


Goodbye my dear friend I love you always


6 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. It feels so hollow saying how sorry I am for your deep loss. All of the addages here cant even begin to dull the pain you must feel in your heart.

    I always found these two bits of wisdom to help me through times like these:

    When a loved one dies, and we mourn, we are mourning for ourselves and how much we miss them rather than mourning for the person who has passed on. Surely they are in a better place now.

    Life is about meetings and partings… but what counts is what happens in between.

    Sending you prayers and hugs.

  2. Thank you as always for your wise words and sentiment, those sayings ring so true especially the last. Most of all I am honoured to have known such a person and will treasure the memories we shared for the rest of my life. My thoughts are now with his family for they feel the loss far greater than I ever could.

  3. Just remember one thing. No one’s pain is worse than anyone else’s. Its just theirs. Take time to allow yourself your own, and dont minimise it ok?

    Our family arent necessarily the people that we are born to. Im sure that this person you write about was your True family.. the family of your soul.

    You are welcome… let yourself take the hugs!

  4. He was most definitely in my soul family, closer than blood and a rare find. You seem to see through me and I agree with what you say about the pain we feel is no greater or lesser than the other person, it is all relative. Thanks again, you see through me in a strange way and minimizing makes it easier but not necessarily better I agree, it is a habit I am trying hard to break.

    You are a very wise woman and a soul close to my own.


  5. Yes, that is my friend – it is one of the last ones taken of him, he wanted it to send a message “Adios my Amigos” his farewell to all that loved him…

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