Thank you

For being my friend when l don’t think lm worth it
For forgiving me for my mistakes when l cant forgive myself
For caring when no one else does
For being the amazing person you are

Destiny has dealt me heavy blows
It has brought me to my knees many times
Destiny has given me my chance
All of which l have blown

This life has given me my due share of heart aches
It has beaten me into submission of a destiny of untold sorrow

One hand that fate has dealt
Brings gratefulness to my heart
That is the sunshine our friendship brings to me

Words cannot be uttered or explained
A thank you will be all you receive
But you must know what you have meant to me in this life time

THANK YOU for being you in your entirety

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thanks Psychscribe, as always it means the world to me – You are very blessed to have a friend in your daughter, it is one of the strongest bonds known to humans, very lucky indeed as she is to have you 🙂

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