Stop smoking hmmm?

Ok so I have decided to heed advice for the first time with regards to my smoking… and so I want to make it official (shock horror to those that know me)… I am seriously going to try giving up! again another shock horror… not all at once please!

6 thoughts on “Stop smoking hmmm?

  1. lol ah but its going to be a weening off process 😉 must say that this post has been popular with the spammers though 🙂

  2. This is a heavy duty tip but it worked for me. Of course, I had cancer at the time which made it more of an incentive, of course.

    When you go to smoke, as yourself, “If I love myself, why am I smoking?” Then you get into the whole, “Am I saying I don’t love myself?” & “Why don’t I love myself?” which is no fun but oh so illuminating.

    As I said, it’s deep but worth the delving if you ask me!

    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Going to try this one – never scared of the hard or deep stuff 🙂 so should be fun! A

  4. You and me have a challenge! Still worried about the people around me due to the grumps I get when I do give up 🙂 tried many times I have!

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