A strange Q

The Q I have is a moral one… If you know something is going to happen to someone, or rather say if you have a feeling, do you warn them and alter destiny or do you keep quiet and accept that what will be will be?

6 thoughts on “A strange Q

  1. Quite a deliema. I suspose I would use that same intuition that told me something was going to happen to discern whether or not to tell the individual(s). The thought of changing destiny is quite tricky; because if you in fact change the outcome of how you first perceived it would be, was not it destiny that you were made aware of it in order to intercede? And, if you remained hush, and the perception occurs, is that not destiny? Of course, the perception could never come to pass, or happen in a different way, for which you could not have given the warning, and it still would be destiny. My son calls this the Butterfly Effect, taken from a movie that I have yet to see. The good thing is, I’ve never had a dejavu experience wherein I didn’t warn and felt guilty about once it came to pass. I simply knew it was meant to be . . . or not.

  2. You must definitely watch the Butterfly Effect, what you say is true perhaps, the gut told me to ask him if he was well the next time I saw him except I never saw him again and now never will. I missinterpreted the information that I received and now he is dead… Feel quite bad but don’t know whether I was right or wrong or whether next time I should do it any different or whether I could’ve done it any different… see my mind is confused …

  3. if harm is coming their way, of course
    otherwise let the river flow,
    one never knows
    maybe its a lesson for them
    maybe its a lesson for you
    itsa justa kraazy zoo and we gotta do what we gotta do 😉

  4. you have your options….it depends on what you have to do…we are to use our discretion…and sometimes warning isn’t going to help for the person might not believe you…what you can see they can’t …people have tough time understanding what they see and well if they can’t…why bother them?

  5. Guess it all comes down to what feels right – you get the premonition and the gut feel about it – if the gut says keep it quiet then guess we have to go with that for that is the right way to handle it…

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