The Other Mini!

Oooooo I can’t wait!!! Just got the call to confirm that indeed I am interested in joining my dear Nix for a day with the new Mini Clubman that she won… yeah right I can just see me going “erm I am sorry I just can’t face a fancy breakfast, driving around in the new Clubman or the Coctail party in the evening, nopes sorry I much prefer the Nissan Micra!” come now! We are going to be the ONLY ones in South Africa on the road in that thing, it’s not launched and it kinda gives me a kick and a half… love cars see! (ironic yes to those that know my secret shhhh)

Ok yes, as you may have gathered I am a total Mini fan… look at it… who couldn’t! ok well the soft tops are better but hey what can you do!

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