Mugabe “slightly behind”

Who would have ever thought the world would hear those words but in fact is now printed on the front page of most of the papers around the world. Shock horror indeed! The world might be hopeful but Africa trembles, a dictator such as Mugabe does not go down without a fair amount of flames, he is the Hitler of Africa in this dying age, no one is safe and so we fear.

The opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is now reportedly in front of our not so dear Mugabe and good for him. After the elections in 2000 he was charged with treason, again in 2004 he was acquitted for yet another charge of treason this time for allegedly plotting to assassinate Mugabe. Their history goes way back as does Mugabe’s paranoia, perhaps sometimes unfounded but often founded – No offence but a man who spent a 100 million on 10 fully armered Mercs for protection while is population were starving, uneducated and dying of disease to say the least well I leave that in your hands.

In 2003 he was again arrested shortly after giving a press conference, the government alleged he had incited violence. Mugabe has armed his party, the Zanu PF, with panga’s (long curved edged swords/knives) and guns telling them to cut back the resistance (sorry but excuse the pun because they did it literally), take back the farms with force and take control of the country by deathly force… violence?

In March 2007 Tsvangirai was arrested on his way to a prayer rally in the Harare, he was reported to have been heavily tortured by police resulting in deep gashes on his head. What would happen in any other country if the leader of the opposing party was beaten and tortured? Truth is though that not only Tsvangirai is affected, everyone supporting him is targeted much like the ANC during the Apartheid era here in South Africa, if not worse… The MDC don’t resort to violence, they stand by their guns and battle on for freedom, freedom from a psychopath. I mean even journalists are seen as spy’s, Zimbabwe special forces follow them like dogs restricting their access, some have even been jailed on spy allegations, both local and international.

So what am I on about? Do you remember a little while ago what happened in Kenya when there was suspicion of vote fiddling? Thousands are dead and even now the violence continues, I hate to think what will happen in Zim should the shit hit the fan… Should definitely make life interesting when I head over there in July for my cousins wedding!

The thing is, for some reason there is always violence when there are elections, back in 1994 when we went to go stay in our flat in Nairobi, we had to stay indoors for four days in fear that the we would be massacred along with the other non Moi supporters… such is Africa but why does it have to be like that? Could the rest of the world do anything to stop it? No offence, the world has tried and failed… but surely there must be something that can me done, I rack my brain but to no avail!

Presidential voting here in Africa is nothing like it is in the US or in Europe for that matter, it is very really civilized or conducive, power grabs and money are world wide the theme of the day with these things, the under currents if you will… but here in Africa they do not use words they use violence.

Guess South Africa is still semi ok, we have our big rallies, a few deaths but South Africans do not even want to contemplate our leading party, the ANC, not winning the elections… better yet we do not want to begin to think of the now president of the ANC, Zuma, to become our countries president… Have you heard… if you take a shower after having “sex” (he was in court just the other day on allegations of rape) with a person who has AIDS it washes off… Enough said..

Moral of the story is, if Tsvangirai is found dead or missing after Mugabe wins Zim elections no one will be surprised… How sick and sad must it be for there to be no surprise nor shock at such things happening?

Just how sick is this world

… yet another ramble by a sad rambling soul…


4 thoughts on “Mugabe “slightly behind”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – told my mother I wrote this and she says am I MAD! They are a regime who monitors everything regarding them – don’t care & not deleting my tags screw it!

  2. wow buddy and i thought it was getting harsh here, sounds like scaru time over there, you be carefull

  3. always careful but a nutter I will always be my dear friend lol – apparently the news just in is that if Mugabe is already planning his escape to exile, which country will have him I don’t know but lets hope it happens! All I know is that he won’t be heading off to the US or UK lucky bums!

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