Amandla Awethu or not?

So driving back this afternoon we got the “Breaking News” alert that Mugabe is finally out of power, his reign of terror and debauchery over at last… But is it?  All the speculation is up in the air and the people are still on tender hooks as to what exactly is going to happen and more importantly what is going on thanks to all the conflicting reports flying around.

So here is what our news has to say for itself ‘Mugabe is going nowhere’

I’m not normally political but I have known many Zimbabweans, both white and Shona who have fled Zim to try and rebuild their lives, it is close to my heart as their stories have broken my heart.

I pray for my brothers and sisters that their fight is finally over and that their country can finally start rebuilding itself… Amandla Awethu, Power to the People!

May the peace finally come, may it show the rest of Africa that it is indeed possible…

One African to another

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