For those involved in the Religion discussion

For all of you that have been discussing the different aspects of religion be it the pros & cons or just the ins and outs, I thought I’d share a blog post with you that might spark some interest 🙂 I really like where she is going with this one just be warned she is erm anti Bush…

The post is written by Ellroon from Rants from the Rookery

Why on earth would God

Demand that there be only one way to find Him? With all the different cultures of man, all the different ways of seeing beauty, of expressing joy, of loving, why would there be only one way?

5 thoughts on “For those involved in the Religion discussion

  1. lol erm so does the rest of the world 🙂

    Really enjoyed your post and what you had to say – too many people use religion as a manipulation tool!

  2. Peace Sanity Found,

    An interesting quote, which expresses a great truth.

    An interesting blog you have here. God willing, I’ll be stopping by again.

    Abdur Rahman

  3. How very odd – I found this same track back on another persons blog who posted it just a few days before me without me realising – great minds possibly think alike or insanity reins… glad its getting out there 🙂

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