SA Slams Foreign Media over Zim

I am sorry for writing yet another post on this subject but I haven’t really slept in days with all this nonsense going on and to wake up this morning to find this in my News24 Morning News edition… it made me sick and I mean literally. I know some might say “but why are you being so negative about South Africa” fact is I am not being negative rather I am being realistic, I have never been one to sugar coat something just to make myself feel better. I prefer the truth that is real not fabricated… perhaps that is a sad trait but I can’t stand people lying in general why would I lie to myself…

That said, when I read the heading of this article I started to shake my head, when I read the full story I got sick. Perhaps the full gravity of the situation, if you are not living here, can not be seen. For South Africa to make such a statement it means that they, as they always have, are still support Mugabe – absolute hypocrites deluxe!!! I suppose the real question here is … what does it mean for the future of South Africa???

A little fact for you and please remember I am not one with or for the Apartheid years, I despised them. During the 48 years of Apartheid years approximately 20,000 africans were killed. During 1985 Mugabe sanctioned the massacre of Matabeleland killing more than 20,000 people in that one year alone, he has been in rule for 28 years, you do the maths…

I leave you with this article, perhaps now you will understand why I am so desperate to leave my birth country…

SA slams foreign media over Zim

04/04/2008 22:33 – (SA)

Johannesburg – South Africa on Friday accused foreign media of orchestrating conspiracy theories by claiming delays in the release of Zimbabwe’s poll results were a plot to steal that country’s elections.

Addressing the diplomatic corps in South Africa, deputy foreign minister Aziz Pahad condemned media reports that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was attempting to rig the election by delaying the release of results.

“What is a matter of serious concern is the orchestrated campaign, by sections of the international and South African media, to categorically claim that the delay is a plot by the government to ‘doctor’ and ‘steal’ the elections,” he said.

Six days after voters went to the polls to choose between Mugabe and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai, tensions were growing in Harare amid silence over the outcome.

Parliamentary results were finally released on Thursday night, declaring the MDC the victor in the house of assembly, while Mugabe and his lieutenants met to work out their strategy as the deadline to release results loomed on Friday.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) meanwhile lodged a court application demanding an end to the silence over the outcome of last Saturday’s presidential ballot.

Pahad defended the delay, saying the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had “explained” that holding simultaneous elections for the president, parliament and senate had caused logistical problems.

“The media and many governments are aware that the possibilities of doctoring the results are limited by the fact that results were posted outside every polling station immediately after the votes were counted,” he said.

Pahad said the international community and media should support the efforts of the Zimbabwean people instead of being “instruments of conspiracies and destabilisation”.

Several foreign governments have criticised the delay over the release of the results, with the US State Department on Thursday saying the hold-up was “concerning to us” and raising concerns about “the possibility of some kind of chicanery, or some kind of efforts to manipulate the balloting”.

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