Faith lost in a Country’s President

The subject line says it all, after reading the latest scoop in South Africa about our neighbours in Zim I can officially say without an ounce of regret or hesitation that I have lost the last shred of faith in our “President”.

So what am I on about? Our dear president Mbeki says that there is no crisis in Zim… why then is the rest of the world so worried??? Where there is smoke there is fire and this is an Atom bomb waiting to go off…

There is no crisis in Zim – Mbeki

President Thabo Mbeki is welcomed by Robert Mugabe as he arrives in Harare for talks en route to Zambia. (AP Photo) ….

yes it does look like they are holding hands doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Faith lost in a Country’s President

  1. the world over I think 🙂 – don’t you think it is amazing the type of people we vote to rule our countries? I think it is more the spin doctors that we vote in only to realise the “face’s” true nature later on… sad in a way but all with purpose in the end

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