A letter to Blogger’s from the Readers

This post started in an email to a friend to highlight just what her blog had done for me spiritually and as you can see it is now a post because in reality each and everyone of you that has a blog has a similar effect on us the readers (bloggers and bloggers to be one day) and so I will write this letter to all of you. The original recipient will know who she is but the letter is here now… Ironically in the email I said it would become a post when the time is right, that time is now.

To all bloggers from us the readers

I have been thinking (nothing new) while some of you have been sleeping, it is now Sunday on half of the world – our two worlds have connected once again, in more ways than one. I have had many discussions recently about both my effect and your effect on readers, bloggers and what I call soon to be bloggers, with this in mind I write the following to you.

Please be prepared, this letter is both about the effect your blog has had on me and the effect it has on others. I believe that everyone should know the effect that they have on another, be it good or bad, it has been something I have always done and this is why I am now going to tell you something that perhaps you have not seen within me because it is more about you than I, this is the real truth from my side.

The story I am about to tell you is about a recent spiritual journey that I have had, one that I am still on, always will be. This story is about God in my life and how he has returned to my spoken words. I do not wish to offend some, each to their own journey.

To explain – I have been through the church escapades, I have been through many denominations and the only thing it showed me was that religion is not for me, I don’t believe in it and I don’t think I ever will again. I know to you this might seem strange but you have to understand that to me religion preaches about non equality, “If you aren’t our denomination you will go to hell”, “if you are gay you are going to hell”, “pray to our God or you are in hell” and the best one for me is “give me your money for God” only to see them driving the top of the range BMW while kids are sleeping on the streets. Let me just say that I know that this is not all churches it is just what I have seen and what helped shape my views, I mean no offence to your church should you go to one.

Because of all of that I mentioned above and more I stopped praying to “God”, I stopped typing it with a capital G, I didn’t believe in the word “God” for the fact that religion preached about “him”. For me “God” didn’t have a name, he was and is nameless, I believe and still do that there is one God we all just follow different ways of reaching him be it through religion or not, I chose to not have religion just a nameless entity. I didn’t speak to my nameless entity that some call by so many different names meaning God. I spoke to the Angels that surround me and you (still do), I didn’t talk about “him” because religion in my mind warped him, I do not throw it down peoples throats he is just there.

Where you the blogger came in is that a couple of months ago I felt that no one understood my way of thinking about my nameless God, I was often told that I was going to hell because of my views on religion and “God”. You have to understand that many have tried to change my views, many debates have raged always ending with me supposedly going to hell. I have never believed them, still don’t, but it did frustrate me and make me sad that they were so “wrapped” in the religious zeal that they forgot the real God that loves everyone no matter who or what they are.

Sorry I know this is a long letter but I feel I need to explain the full story so that you can see the real impact you have had on me, please bear with me.

Just over a month ago I sitting with a good friend of mine at her work, chatting as we always do (constantly!), she made a comment and out popped the words “If it is Gods will”. She literally whipped her head around and asked me what I had just said, I just looked at her as shocked as she was – these words do not come out of MY mouth EVER and she knows that, she also knows and agrees with me why they don’t. So as you can imagine it was a big shock for us both. I normally say the arabic version Inshallah for which I never offer an explanation, the word for me feels closer to God than the English version of “God willing”. The shock didn’t stop there, every time I lie in bed just before I go to sleep I talk to my Angels, asking them to protect the ones close to my heart and to guide them. All of a sudden I ask them but I transfer it to God and start speaking to him – this I NEVER do! The first time it happened I literally sat up right and said “what the hell” out loud … ironic choice of words but hey.

So what I am saying and to cut a very long story short (ok not so short) is that your words on your blog have a greater impact than you could ever imagine. Not only do you speak about day to day issues you also make people come closer to God – perhaps it is only me but I don’t think so at all… Closer to the real God because you do not preach about him nor do you preach religion, it is the under current in your blog posts that allows him to touch peoples hearts.

Now I know not all of you intend this to be the outcome, it is not even why you blog…

The other thing that you do is make people think out side their cosy little boxes, you open their eyes to the real world and what is going on in it, the way you write IS eloquent, witty and above all relateable to us Joe Soap’s on the street or in the mansion (apologies if your name is Joe Soap it is just a saying). Your life experiences, each and every one of you, touch people’s hearts in a million different ways.

Perhaps you write about what a shit day you have had, or some bad thing that has happened to you, perhaps you are in tears as you write that post, the effect of that post on others is many. Perhaps there is someone that reads it that is feeling exactly the same as you that now feels after reading it not so alone, perhaps they have gone through something similar and it is close to their hearts.

Perhaps you are having an amazing streak of luck and write about it that post will make people smile and perhaps show them that there are good things out there that DO happen.

Perhaps you tackle issues such as gay or interracial marriage, or issues regarding religions or culture, adoption, politics or world issues and those posts make us think, they highlight the problems to those who either know or don’t know that they exist, through these posts you connect the world together as one fighting for a similar cause. Even the die hard zealots can’t help but start to think that PERHAPS there is a different way of thinking or doing.

I don’t mean to add pressure and I hope you see in my heart that this is not the case, I am not saying change your style or write only about God or worldly issues but what I AM saying is don’t stop what you’re doing in the way you are doing it because everything in your blog touches different people at the right time in their lives – even if this is not the purpose of your blog…

The best part about your blog is that you are human, you are amazing each and every one of you, but alas a human you are and that is why people relate to you, please never forget that and never stop blogging.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for every single post that you have written, you have touched us the readers lives even when you didn’t think or purposefully do it, for that we thank you.

From the Readers

20 thoughts on “A letter to Blogger’s from the Readers

  1. Thanks for this, a lot. Now, here is a blogpost that found it’s reader… Just a week or so ago I started to think about whether to continue with writing my blog or not. I can see I do have quite some readers, but unfortunatelly not much responses. While my main goal when deciding for blogging was te interact, network, connect… Not just write out into the space.
    Anyway, just reading your post gives me a lot of inner peace about what I am doing and I am grateful for this.
    On the other hand, here is a request from the Bloggers to the Readers: please leave comments. This way we know we are being read, appreciated and this gives us much acknowledgement and support to carry on. It does not have to be anything really deep and wise, just, perhaps in couple of sentences, tell us what you feel about our posts, how they have affected you, what thougts and feelings it brought up…
    I believe blogging is really about interacting and connecting, so, please, do interact and connect.

  2. Glad that this letter found you in time before you packed in your blogging “shoes” Even when readers aren’t commenting they are indeed reading, your words still touch their lives. I like your request to the readers, so true, comments can let us know we are on the right track, even help us expand our views or educate us on differences, etc… perhaps a letter to the readers?

    Thanks again for the comment hope you visit again soon 🙂

  3. it’s true. you are touched in any way by the things people go and reading them sometimes make you feel that you are not alone. that there are other people who feels the same way or that the answers to your questions are just there. for so many things i am thankful of, it is the idea that i can write but at the same time learn from other bloggers. we get to know ourselves better, widen our horizons and learn accept other people’s revelations with an open heart. what’s even interesting is that we don’t really personally know each other. anyway, thank you also for your thoughts. i’ve learned a lot from you… even if i’m continents away from you. 🙂

  4. Kaibigan ifoundme – never apologise, I do spellers all the time it’s one of the many things I can’t do that’s why I love firefox apart from other geeky reasons.

    You are so right and as you know I feel the same – what is continents in the greater scheme of things?

    Thanks for your comment my friend – Ang payapang pampang ay para lamang sa mga taong sumugba sa unos how true!

  5. I had many Filipino friends in Saudi – learnt that proverb then and it stuck with me as well as Kaibigan 🙂
    Ang payapang pampang ay para lamang sa mga taong sumugba sa unos – A peaceful life can only be appreciated by those who have surpassed chaos – How could it not stick with me 🙂 Your land has many wise sayings but this one is the one I remember most!

  6. Speechless…. I will need to fully absorb your words. I can hardly believe them and will respond or maybe not later…. My heart is so full… my soul well..is without words

  7. Hey Buddy,

    I mainly started to blog as I had a lot of things in my mind to talk about. It was as if there were just too many things up and bolt in my system. I ain’t that expressive at times or rather quite a lot of times, but somehow writing just for myself — has given me avenues for more reflection and insight about who I am…..! And ofcourse now its You and our eva flourishing business as well 😉

  8. First things first we MUST sort out that shipment!

    Secondly my blog started much the same and in a way it is still that, it is just me on a journey of discovery that will last the rest of my lifetime. This said your blog has touched my heart and all your readers hearts, your courage, who you are and what you are is inspirational (even without intending it to be so)… there is still though a question about the brussel sprouts and tomatoes but alas we will sort that one out!

  9. hhahaha….I can already imagine us transistioning in makin our business story inspirational to other readeers as well… 🙂

  10. You know… NOW that is an idea 😉 perhaps we should wait to see if our initial income projections are met re you know what and then we can discuss the other you know what, what you think?

  11. sanityfound: I write this letter directly back to you; I have only read a small sampling of your posts so far; not sure how soon I will get to all of them, but so far the words that you post speak to me so loudly at times; to find others in the world, when I feel so isolated in the way that I think, feel, and believe, it is just amazing. BTW, have you ever heard of Soulforce? If you ever have a chance to check it out, http://www.soulforce.org, it may have some inspiring ideas and discussions that you would enjoy. Soon, Vanessa

  12. Vanessa, I am lost for words thank you so much for what you say, I myself feel the same way about your’s. Everyday I am dumbfounded by the number of like minded people out there, refreshing… I will go and look at that site soonest! Chat soon, Aud

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