Refer Meme…

This Meme was created by Rebecca who passed it on to Amberfireinus which in turn found me 🙂 … All Meme’s have been interesting but I love this one especially but I am fearful of leaving anyone out!

On any given day I read many blogs all over the world, here are but a few of them… in alphabetical order because I am in a Virgo mood… (please refer to the * at the end should I have missed an alpha ordering)

A Pot of Gold – For her openness to life, for her views on the world around us and her journey…

Amberfireinus – For her amazing wisdom on life, people and the world, for the way she gets you to use your brain and think outside of the box we call home, inspiring us to do more, think more, love more, live more… For tips on how to use power tools and her incredible taste in music…

Lessons of Life and love – For equality, the fight for equal rights, her amazing perspectives on life, spiritual journey’s, friendship and wisdom…

Looking in the Mirror – For Music, photos and spiritual thoughts on life, love and humans…

Persistent Illusion – For her views on Relationships, Life, Spiritual thoughts, Human Nature and much much more…

Psychscribe – For her insights in to life and human nature…

Simply Life N Me – Mainly for the fact that she doesn’t like Brussel Sprouts the same as me but also for her amazing openness to life, life’s lessons, spiritual growth, her perspectives on the world around us and the real world.

Shush – For religion and culture, her ability get people thinking about the real issues in the world is amazing, every day I take my hat off to her..!

This is Vishesh – For his poetry and the fact that he is an alien amongst humans, his wisdom in someone so young gives me hope in the future world.

As I said I, read many blogs every day all shapes and sizes, for each and everyone I am thankful… on days when I am down you seem to lift me, some days I cry from laughing so hard and others I feel the urge to go out into the sphere and learn more, I grow and continue the evolution of my soul.

*apologies for spellers but I think Microsoft is messing with my Firefox and my tri-focals are somewhere under that lounge chair but I just can’t seem to reach them in the dark now that the light bulb has offically blown… no wait… sorry it is our electricity that has gone off into the ether that is africa!

Before I go… here are the blogs that Amber has recommended – definite must reads!

Amber recommends…..

Brit in California – For unbelievable knowledge about US history, culture and and interesting perspective of everyday American life.

Ilegal – For funny, whimsical, intelligent posts with no rhyme nor reason to them

Ammonyte – For photography, his very dry wit, and the insanity of his sanity. He is also the PC guru network guy to which the rest of us peasants bow. A person to know!

Shush – for her amazing ability to bring Christianity into the modern world without hypocrisy, finger pointing, or bible bashing. She makes it revelent to todays world by using old fashioned values and new street smarts.

Rebecca – for her art, poetry and wisdom in such a young person’s body

Patricia – For the empowerment she gives to others, her wit, charm, sarcasm and style. She is a true Domestic Goddess if there ever were one!

Thatdudeyouknow – for his deep understanding of the bible, his unwavering faith, his love of his family, and his pure child like quality that makes you laugh!

Sanityfound– for her amazing view of our troubled world, her understanding of what it truly is to be colorblind to people, and her absolute craziness.

Paperdreamer – this is our youth of tomorrow at its best. She gives me hope that the generations that are growing up aren’t all missing what is important in life.

Jak – Again another bright beautiful young woman just about ready to take our world by storm. I love reading her posts and views of the world. She is smart off the charts, and writes beautifully.

Psychscribe – for her wonderful insights into interpersonal relationships and to the soul.

14 thoughts on “Refer Meme…

  1. Thanks to sanityfound, I have checked out many of these blogs, and every writer brings me some new insight, humor, love, awareness, connection. One to add? thisterrestrialball. Believe me, it is worth the read……

  2. Thanks you for your kind words, masks always fall away I believe in being true to yourself and by that being true to who you are which in turn is being true to others if that makes sense 🙂 So often we run from who we are, our past and the now, it gets us no where except to put us in more internal turmoil as it were…

  3. Oh my… the new Wordpres Dashboard had me a bit confused for quite a while, and I just now realized you linked to my site.

    Thank you so much- that realy is kind and thoughtful of you.

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