One World, One Soul… part 2

One World, One Soul, one vision, The dream I mentioned in my post, One world, One Soul stays with me, when I awoke an idea was in my head and it has stuck with me.

I have since spoken to a couple of people, all seem to think that perhaps it is possible. The idea is a photo wall on which will appear photos (head shots) of each and everyone of us, no names, no religious beliefs, no sexual orientation just photos of people that care about the world, people who want to make a difference, a technicolour world with one colour, you and I.

The idea of this One World, One Soul photo wall is to show each and everyone of us that we are not alone, there is hope in this world, that this world is not such a bad place with all of us in it, you and me, we can do this, each and everyone of us can make a difference, we’re not alone, the world is full of people who care, who want to make a difference, who want to help the world.

If you’re game, want to see this wall of souls take shape post a comment on this post and I will respond via those details. This is going to be just a wall of people, like minded, souls that care, one world, one technicolour soul.

20 thoughts on “One World, One Soul… part 2

  1. i am on board…in fact i had such ideas but had reached an dead end …because i wasn’t menatally up with it…let us do …the spirit of change is with passion of a devil and love of angle.

  2. Details are on their way to you πŸ˜€ glad to have you on board, brick by brick, photo by photo, we prove we are not alone and in turn perhaps we can then use that for the greater good… step by step, together πŸ™‚

  3. i don’t think many…but well there are people with different ideas and ways…because they have gone through a different set of stuff….but everyone needs a change…we need to unite humans….under the banner of unity only can we reach immunity from self-destruction…

  4. As you can probably guess, I’d like to come at the whole thing from a perspective of faith (not necessarily religion). Christianity (my faith) has a lot in common with other faiths… I’d like to concentrate on areas where these faiths agree and how we can all work together to make an impact on the world from this avenue.

  5. Love that idea, definitely the similarities perhaps quoting the scripture ranges from all the holy books if you know what I mean.

    Main thing is that this is a One World, One Soul nothing is favoured, not colour, sex, religion or politics… it is all one colour under unity.

    Can’t wait πŸ˜€

    Have posted my first post lets see this rock and roll πŸ˜€

    Again thanks all for coming on board!

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