One World, One Soul evolves…

One World, One Soul is taking shape and expanding, thank you all for your support, our support. I have started a blog called OneWorldOneSoul with the idea of taking this concept a step further. The reason for doing this is twofold.

I feel that One World, One Soul is all of ours, it is our project not just mine, it is to show each other that we stand together, to show just how many of us are out there that care and that want to make a difference in the world. Once all is set up on the “other side” I will transfer the One World, One Soul wall of faces there as well.

Secondly the concept has grown, expanded will be forever evolving. There are so many of us that in reality want to help and make a difference but often don’t know who or how. There are so many fraudsters out there taking the gifts we give and not transferring them on to the right person at the other end. The concept is that we find people who really need our help in each country of the world and make the information available to everyone, who knows there could be a shelter just around your corner crying out for blankets, or an orphanage your kid’s old toys could go to or a military widow that is in dire need of support…

This blog of ours however will not be the end goal, the plan is to take it to the big wide world of an official website where people in need can connect with those who want to give. Yes I can all hear you shaking your heads at this, but in this day and age information spreads, word of mouth flies faster than an old concord or fighter jet.

That said we are looking for people who are interested in joining the project, people who are willing and wanting to help us find the people in need and let us know who they are. We are also looking for people to write about issues such as AIDS/disease, poverty, military widows, refugees, adoption, elderly, etc (you get the idea) to highlight the true facts not the media’s ploy at reality.

If you are interested in writing for One World, One Soul, wish to do research or if you prefer to just get added onto the wall let us know and we’ll be in contact, .

What is One World, One Soul? It is a place where people who need and people who want to help out but don’t know how meet…

One World, One Soul, One Colour…

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11 thoughts on “One World, One Soul evolves…

  1. Count me in for One world on soul! For some reason I could not get part two to click – I’m sure I’ll find it though. Thanks for starting this – your thoughts are taking shape in action! Wow, I’m really excited about this. I’m going over to the other blog (OWOS) and take a look around. I was just thinking about asking you about something of this nature the other day; but then thought, people are too busy. I’m just super delighted. Thanks for your great idea!

    Peace, Light and Love

  2. I would love to write… I will have to think which of my post types to move there…. but yes count me as one of the contributors.

  3. What a great site here. What a great idea you have. I would love to help people in my local area but have no idea how to start or who to reach out to…but your idea is a good one.

    Good luck and I hope you get lots of people involved!


  4. I would be honored as well to write for this great blog to be. What an awesome idea: daunting at the same time as possible!! I really feel more inspired to do for the world than I think that I ever have!!!! Thanks for putting the dream into reality. Peace and love, Vanessa

  5. All the thanks is to everyone of you guys, together we can make it possible. Busy writing the first entry on something here in SA.

    So chuffed can’t stop grinning… welcome on board πŸ˜€

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