One Soul, One Life

Just read a poem written by Vishesh called One Soul, One Life that has moved me so much, reading it I was covered from head to toe in goosebumps! Tell me if it rings any bells re One World, One Soul 😀

Speechless Vishesh I really am!

3 thoughts on “One Soul, One Life

  1. Your words read like a poem, and a song, at the same time. It is almost like I can hear a tune in my head, as I read your words. What a blessing to have your words written in such a beautiful format, to inspire and motivate us all to say more, do more, be more, love more. Thanks for this, it is beautiful……. Peace, Vanessa

  2. Hear Hear, Vishesh this is one of your best ever! I mean it, I still have goosebumps on and off with the biggest grin on my face, the thank you is all yours it is us that are honoured to have the opportunity to read your words!

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