Hey You, Skywalker!

577671123_82d817195e_oYes I’m talking to you, you are the Chosen One. You don’t believe me do you? I guess its easy to understand why you can’t see it, probably thinking “QUICK get this person a straight jacket QUICK!!!”. Breathe deeply and listen for you are the Chosen One, you might not want to believe it, you might not want to accept it, you might think you are not ready for it but either way you are exactly that, the Chosen One.

Each of us, you and I and the person near by are the Chosen One’s, we are all born with a purpose, with a destiny but it is only you who can choose whether to follow it or not, no one else can do that but you. Glow or dying embers in the dust what we leave behind is our legacy, the lessons we learn keep us on the right paths in life forever giving us that opening to accept ourselves and our destinies.

Each bend, fork or turn in the road leads us to where we have to go, each event happens in order to prepare us for what is next to come, sometimes a conjunction of many all prepare us for a greater event be it good or bad. Sit back now and look at who you are, who you really are and tell me, would you be any different if those things had not happened? Would you be nicer or meaner to others? Would you be more giving or would you be more selfish? I can not answer these questions for you, these questions are for you to answer alone, each and every one of you.

When you think about whether you would be different does it not lead you to the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, then that everything indeed happens for a reason in order to enable you to be who you are today. Your core, your inner being, what does it tell you? Do you have a really strong desire to do something, perhaps it is your passion or a yearning deep within you? Do you ever feel something pulling you in a certain direction and the longer you fight it the stronger it pulls?

Each of us are the Chosen Ones, each of us has a purpose from doing the basic things to waking up a nation, from educating the young, educating the old, building things, breaking things down. Not one thing is unimportant no matter what it is, if the water carriers didn’t walk to the river each day, travelling miles on end, how would the village survive? If there were no people to make bricks or build houses, what would we live in? If there were no scientists how would we have those all important cures and discoveries? Our purpose no matter how small we think it is or how menial plays a big part in the greater scheme of things.

Whats your purpose, what’s your destiny? Only you can answer that one, only you can fight against it or accept its pull for it is within all of us.

Not one person is insignificant, not one person is forsaken, we are all the Chosen Ones, we are all young Skywalkers…

11 thoughts on “Hey You, Skywalker!

  1. Wow, Star Wars are some of my favorite films of all time; the struggle between good and evil, the struggle of what we should do vs. what we impulsively do; the force of listening to our hearts vs. acting with our heads. Even though Anakin was the Chosen One, his destiny took him to other things, and they all came full circle anyway……

    What an intense concept, but totally agreed that you, and you and you, are all Chosen Ones, chosen for greatness, greatness maybe not yet realized, but greatness all the same. Be the change, and be who you are, because in my mind, truth, individual truth, is all there ever is………V.

  2. Do you know that one of my speech impeppermints got me the nickname of Yoda… scary!

    Be the change and be who you are don’t fight it, whats the point … You be chosen one 😀

    Glad you liked 🙂 A

  3. Wow… I love the symbology of this one. How cool. Perfect for us geeks too.

    I love how you are bringing into perspective that everyone has that choice to be a skywalker or not. That is the truest thing I have heard in a long time!

    I like the thought that we are not the chosen ones.. but instead we choose ourselves…………..

  4. Thanks you I got the concept at one of the Lego Lovers Anon meetings 🙂

    We choose ourselves and yet perhaps we choose at all the forks in the road we come to, forever evolving…

    Thanks for your kind words and thoughts as always 😀

  5. Thanks Ilegirl, glad you enjoyed and enjoying 😀 please note I am resisting not speaking like yoda… I am a nutter and sanity is but a mystery. Thanks for your kind words, means a lot 🙂

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