Play critical role to change society, media told…

In light of all the recent discussions about media I thought this was an interesting one, only happened on it today a bit late after the fact but well all I can say is that it is encouraging, perhaps there are people in power who don’t believe in using the media for bad…  Perhaps I am being naive but it gives me hope…

The Article

The South African media has been urged to play a critical role in fostering a change of mentality in society and encouraging people to take values-based actions ‘for good’ in the view of creating an almost-perfect country where all communities would want to live in. “The role of the media is crucial in advancing society and influencing individuals to become active citizens,” government spokesperson Themba Maseko said.

Maseko was speaking at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg yesterday, Thursday 24 April 2008, during the launch of Movement for Good – It Starts with You, an umbrella body of various organisations aiming at inspiring every person to act responsibly and use their positive energy to bring significant change in one way or another.

“An active citizen is someone who talks SA up, votes, doesn’t bribe, or do crime, initiates or participates in community projects, does their bit to save energy and treats others with tolerance, dignity and respect.”

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6 thoughts on “Play critical role to change society, media told…

  1. This news gives me one clear message: HOPE. And, it seems as if SA needs hope as much as it needs anything right now. Hope that there people are basically good, and that everything will turn out okay. I will pray that this happens and people get involved……:)

    A small step is still a step…… hugs to you, Vanessa

  2. Thanks you – just got me thinking imagine if ALL the countries took this stance with the media and the media started encouraging the right things… guess we can only hope for now until morals change 😀 Thanks you hugs back 🙂

  3. well what happened here was the politicians and others took it as their right to protect and improve the society,it means rowdies are the MPs and well when ever they don’t like something which i happening they call it against Indian culture and the mobs follow …oh! and the media its full of masala 🙂 so guess we need more people to talk and encourage the people…our ex-president tried to do so…

  4. lol masala 😀

    More people need to talk, share a common goal one that is for the greater good and not for pockets! Kudo’s to the ex-president sad that he is an ex!

  5. Media should be independent, not influenced by politicians, government or corporations. In most countries, you do not get the news unadulterated or unbiassed because the media is owned by big corporations or government whose interests, not always for the common good, must be served.

  6. How true Randall… Media is their greatest tool for manipulation and spin, wonder what they would do if it was taken away? Thanks for the comment 🙂

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