Why I am sad for Africa

I do not trust media reports at the best of time, the amount of true reality in them is always warped I feel to agenda’s.  Zimbabwe is in chaos, retaliation killings are going wild, no one who voted for the opposing party MDC is on the hit list.  So the ship containing weapons destined for Zim is now docked in Angola, why is this ship still allowed to sail?

My views on this are obviously childish in my hope that this world would do something about situations like this.  The international “laws” obviously govern situations like this, they obviously do not take these matters seriously or question the company who owns these ships, brings to mind the movie Lord of War (ironically partly filmed in SA).  Guess there is consolation in the fact that if it had tried to re-enter our waters it would be arrested kudo’s to a country that see’s no crisis in Zim…

Good news is that I will not be going to Zim anymore for my cousins wedding, sad at the same time that they can not get married in their home country in fear for theirs and their visitor’s lives.  Her family is still out there on their farm, I pray that they manage to leave soon.  Those fleeing Zim do so without any property, they are barred from leaving with anything other than their car and clothes, what is a Zim dollar worth anyways?

This has been Africa for years, one of the most beautiful continents in the world with beautiful spirits being destroyed by egotistical egomaniacs that rule with guns and death, I pray that my destiny is not here.

Zim run-off may take a year

… Just another ramble by a wondering soul …

4 thoughts on “Why I am sad for Africa

  1. Stories/realities such as this are so sad to me; sad because it must create such a hardship in which to instill hope into others. I will pray that your cousin may be able to safely have a wedding ceremony soon, and that where you eventually “land”, will be a more peaceful, just place. Keep hope in your heart……… Vanessa

  2. Hope will forever be in my heart I only pray that they will make it out, the decision to leave ones home, all your belonging, all your memories never to know if you will see them again must be hard… sad reality is everyone is trying to leave, everyone is so desperate but (in my interpretation) because there is no oil it is ok by the world for it to continue? As I said my views on this whole scenario are infantile to say the least… but they are there all the same lol.

    Just want peace in africa, it is such a beautiful continent with incredible people, it’s all I want.

  3. I don’t know that I would agree that your views about it are infantile; they are purely human, and hopeful, and wanting the world to heal and be peaceful. I also agree, at least from a US perspective, that if the country had more to “offer” in terms of what could benefit other countries, than it would be more on people’s radar; I think it is similar with Tibet, which I have recently tried to be more aware of. For me, the great big world is opening up for me a little bit at a time, and I am grateful for the knowledge! Hugs to you, V.

  4. Thanks you 🙂 Yeah perhaps it is just youthful optimism and wishful thinking that I suffer from lol – There are wars going on that people just don’t hear about because they don’t make money for others… sad huh… aye but that is what we are hear for 😀

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