The SanityFound Dictionary

In life so often we come up with weird words and sayings, as I have mentioned before I often have impediment moments often resulting in myself and others using them (quite possibly to save me from embarrassment).

I have been told that often the words I use are not decipherable or easily understood either in their ambiguity or spelling so here I present you with the Audlish Dictionary, some words I accidentally invented, others are from the south African slang, some are my interpretations of words already in existence and some are heard from other peoples moments that I loved and adopted … hope it helps 🙂


Definition: Someone who’s clueless


Origin: Accidentally

Definition: Someone who does not realise they are a tart

An Ancient

Definition: Someone who is wise


Definition: A moment where you lose the plot and go wild either while watching sport or at someone else’s actions; “you go ape”


Origin: stolen from sister; Aspersion

Definition: a false or misleading charge meant to harm someone’s reputation

A Strawberry Moment

Definition: A moment that brings about intense blushing


Origin: Company dictionary

Definition: a person who talks a lot but doesn’t do anything about it


Origin: Brainstorming (impeppermint came out in a strategic meeting can’t take me anywhere)

Definition: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible


Definition: Someone who does something silly


Definition: Karma; What comes around goes around


Definition: Someone who has no regard for others, a person who does not respect another

Committee Member

Origin: Company Dictionary

Definition: a body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.


Origin: Deja vu

Definition: The feeling that you’ve heard this bull** before.


Pronunciation: Drool-dill

Definition: Someone who falls asleep in meetings

Emerald moment

Definition: Moment of jealousy or an object you desire; An intense feeling of wow; often said like “Oh wow that is such an emerald”


Definition: The wrath of grapes; the after effects from making a mistake


Origin: SA Slang

Pronunciation: Heck-tick

Definition: Something that is outrageously bad or good; often said when one is shocked

Ice moment

AKA: Ice Ice baby moment

Definition: The ice cold feeling you get in the instant you realise that you’ve just made a BIG mistake


Origin: Impediment

Definition: A speech impediment or an embarrassing moment


Origin: Slang

Pronunciation: Jeep-ers

Definition: holy moley, exclamation

“Look there’s a fairy”

Origin: My sister caught me out with this one and I asked her where all excitedly

Pronunciation: Loud

Definition: Change the topic I’ve lost interest. Also used to see if people are paying attention, often they get caught out…


Definition: An insect that makes you like flies better; A person that keeps on buzzing around you and won’t go away


Pronunciation: Naa-rrr-na

Definition: A term of endearment for someone who is ripping you off or did something funny “You are such a narna”


Definition: A really funny person that makes you fall off your chair from laughing too hard


Definition: someone who is as dumb as an ox.


Origin: The recruitment field

Definition: A new hire who doesn’t need any training.


Pronunciation: Pol-loo-tant

Definition: Someone who is negative or brings you down


Origin: Afrikaans

Pronunciation: Ssss-kat-a-ball

Definition: A sweetheart; someone who is really sweet

Stress puppet:

Definition: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny

Stress Monkey:

Definition: A person that does cartwheels while stress, they seem to become deranged and lose the ability to speak or act normally.


Definition: People who do not participate in life

Vu deja:

Pronunciation: Vu-desh-a

Definition: The feeling you have never been here before, seeing a new place or experiencing something for the first time


Definition: A moment of speechlessness encompassing great fascination or intrigue


Definition: something or someone that looks pretty but has no substance


Pronunciation: Yo-duh-shon-arr-eeee

Definition: a person who has visionary thoughts of wise being


Definition: Someone who brings people to life, puts fire in them to start living


Origin: Invented by Amberfireinus

Definition: Someone who is trying to find wisdom (yodafoundling) or has found wisdom (yodafound) or someone who is a Narna


Definition: A moment of revelation or wisdom

Late Additions:


Origin: Details

Pronunciation: Deee-ts

Definition: It’s all in the deets


Origin: Afternoon

Pronunciation: are-vee

Definition: Used when to lazy to say long words; “I’ll see you in the arvi”

19 thoughts on “The SanityFound Dictionary

  1. dankie skatebol jy is so oulik!
    Thank you sweetie you are so cute!

    Yers when dealing with me a manual is definitely needed rofl… YOU!

    Word for the day: Oulik = cute

  2. hahahaha! i enjoyed your dictionary… i have several words of which my friends and i use. one of them is NO EARTH… it means that the person is clueless about what’s going on. LOL!

  3. Deeps – Well I am more a Cambridge person myself 😉

    ifoundme – lol I like that one, quite symbolic as if the person is unearthed, not rooted 🙂 great saying!

  4. This is a great dictionary; some of which are similar to how I use them also, and you already know what a fan I am of impeppermint.

    I feel inspired to write about one of my phrases that I invented a few years ago……..

  5. Blamestorming…. I wish that I did not grok that word. Unfortunately, I have been in too many meetings where that has been happening. I am pleased that I now have a word to describe it.

  6. I’ve been in the same meetings as Brit. Lots of mosquitoes and stress monkeys and atnas. Lots of vista. Hoping for boomerang. Tired of cannibals. Too many committee members in organizations these days.

    Of course, I wouldn’t wish to cast asparagus.

  7. Brit – Welcome and glad you found the word you’ve been searching for lol aye blamestorming is populor (way too much for my liking… I tend to turn into a drooldle each time!)

    Ilegirl – rofl excellent! By the sounds of things its you both are Yoda’s who need to shout out “Look there’s a fairy” in the next blamestorming just to see the stress monkey’s reaction (It’s actually quite entertaining… from experience their jaws just drop and they go… think we need to order some coffee) lol

    Ouch you have me laughing BEFORE my morning coffee yet again!!!

  8. Blamestorming is a real winner! And perhaps you should add “vet”? 🙂 I never heard it till I met you! Vu deja is simple and beautiful.

  9. You are such a starball oops mean skatebol!!! 😀

    Just between you and me… I think I am addicted to words, just love them! Do you think there is a Word Lover Anon group I can join?

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