Sunglasses and the Soul

sunglasses_on_the_beach_by_chopshopstuk-d3bys0rHave you ever owned a pair of sunglasses that fog up when you are out walking or when the day is hot? If you don’t have the right glasses on they fog up to the point, that if you don’t take them off, you literally can’t see two feet in front of you. Ten to one they are not the right glasses, not specially designed or right, not Gucci but rather a cheaper sideline.

Such is life, we put sunglasses on to cover our eyes from the glare, both the glare of life and that of emotional pain. Put the wrong sunglasses on and the fog prevents us from seeing the full picture, we become blinded to the true vision of life, our souls are blocked from experiencing what it’s meant to experience.

Today I found it difficult to meditate, my mind was foggy and sluggish. I couldn’t get my head around it, I walked this morning thinking that perhaps that would clear it but to no avail. I concentrated on my breathing more than ever, that didn’t clear the fog either. So by this afternoon I decided that I need to go for a longer walk and let it all go, let my disturbance with the fog go and just walk without thinking only breathing.

At first I found myself talking to the higher power asking for guidance in this journey I find myself in and to guide me fast. After I “uttered” the fast part of it I just stopped and stood in the road giggling like a person who had lost their mind fully. How ironic, that while I am trying to find calm and my centre, that I want to do it in a fast way, this is not possible, it happens when all the other puzzle pieces are in place, it happens at the right time.

I started to worry that I had over done it last night for I had had such a deep meditation that it really felt like I was not in my body anymore, I was also playing with light. I started thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t push things too fast that maybe, just maybe, I need to listen to my own advice and allow the process go at its own pace. So on I walked coming to the big pond with the ducks in, I just stood there realising exactly what I had been doing. After the realisation hit I took note of each obstacle and thought that had been in my mind till that point, recognised it and accepted each one. After that I felt a peace and understanding envelope me once more.

The fog in my mind was still there as I continued to walk up the hill although not as heavy. That was when my stomach woke up to tell me that I had forgotten to eat the whole day, all I had had was a delicious Kit Kat for breakfast. I am useless without food, if I don’t eat regularly I get groggy and at times faint, here I was stressing so much about an “open” mind that I had forgotten to look after the very vessel I inhibit, ironic.

Lesson learned, while on the journey to find your centre don’t forget to look after your body, it is fine feeding your mind but one has to remember to look after the rest as well. Less coffee and more tea, less wine and more grape juice, less chocolate and more food packed with wholesome goodness. How can you expect the soul, or the mind for that matter, to operate at full capacity when your energy levels are low due to lack of food, you can’t.

I then realised that by my sunglasses fogging up it was symbolic of the fact that I have two pairs, it is up to me which one I choose to wear, the one that fogs up or the ones that remain clear. I’ve chosen the latter for I want to see the world in its true light, I don’t want to be inhibited by fog anymore.

As I walked on I started to feel the tingles on my skin again, felt as if energy was rushing from the ground up to my finger tips as they moved through the air, the fog on my sunglasses started to clear and I smiled.

For every step backwards it is two steps forward…

I choose Gucci how about you?

8 thoughts on “Sunglasses and the Soul

  1. Gucci for sure.

    I love the metaphor. In this sense, there’s a lot of truth to that saying that you get what you pay for. When you invest in yourself, and make it a quality investment, it pays off in the long run. I suppose the key parts of that statement are the words ‘long run’. We’re in it for the distance, so we need to treat ourselves well, and as you’ve mentioned here as well as in previous posts, trust your gut.

    But – I have to take exception to the less wine, more grape juice. Wine is a wholesome food. 🙂

  2. lol it’s hard I live in the wine growing province, right next to a vineyard – grapes are full of vitamins so why can’t wine be? Aye some of the SA stuff gives me a bit too much of a headache… I think I’ve just realised its quantity not quality thats the problem!!! *knocks herself against the head*

    I really like the way you put it “invest in yourself, and make it a quality investment” It lasts longer and has more benefit than a quick fix!

  3. I love the way that your creative mind creates!!! This is very clever, effective way to describe the ways in which we can be blocked, by blocking ourselves…… the lack of initial “investment”; not nourishing the “vessel” (which, I am sure it will be of no surprise to you, was the very word I was thinking of to use to describe our bodies, even before I read your use of it! Great minds…..well, you know…..); and, whether you intended it or not, even if we do need to put up with some fog, it always clears, maybe not always on our schedule, but it does clear away and make way for smoother sailing. I have always been a fan of cheap sunglasses myself, and when they fog up, I take them off and take the full intensity of the light and warmth right in. V.

  4. Not surprised at all lol 🙂 – agree though some people choose, be it subconsciously on conscientiously, to keep the fog in place. I like you, love the intensity of full light, each day I am closer to feeling it 🙂 Thanks for your kind words as always my friend Mwah

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