The Man in the Moon and the two worlds he watches over…

image I love full moon in the Southern Hemisphere, there is something about the clarity of the man in the moon that fills me with peace. I am a full moon person, people who know me know that when it is in the sky I seem to morph into a verbally hyperactive nutter. How do I know it is full moon tonight? Because the whole day I have been hyper emotionally sensitive to my surroundings and people. I feel more intensely the violence in my country, the sadness in others and the anger that they hold within them. It feels so intense at times that I feel it closing me in.

Odd? Perhaps it is just that I am insane, perhaps it is fact that the moon’s energy courses through me and awakens certain things within me. During these times I also feel disconnected from the people in my life, like a third party observer, they try to connect with me but I just feel like the umbilical cord has been cut. To correct this measure I become hyperactive verbally in hope that no one will notice. Some times it is better than others, today seems ΓΌber.

For the last couple of days I have been trying to meditate, when I do I seem to go into this deep gorge and feel intense pressure on my head, like two hands are clasping it and pushing hard… am I mad??? Yes I have come to this conclusion.hv-1-650

As I sit here and type this I am outside with the man in the moon smiling down at me reminding me of my adventures on Sunday and how I found a new dam close by down a hill I had never ventured. The water was so still, like glass on a mirror, only the odd flying fish (trout is my guess) piercing its perfect skin every couple of minutes broke the illusion that my eyes perceived. I sat there for a long time absorbing its beauty as the music for my soul played on through my earphones.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing, for how long I can not say, I felt such peace being near the water and in nature it was amazing. When I opened my eyes it was as if I was seeing the world with new eyes, afresh with new vision.

The reflection on the water is the reflection of the world as it is today and the surrounding earth is the true world, one that we don’t often see, one that we are so often blinded to by perceived society.

The ripples that were made on the waters surface were like what a good friend once told me, the deeds done by those that care, those that want to make a difference. Although they may seem small or have little affect, they spread, add enough ripples and you get waves.

Those ripples are the hope that is in the world, they are the people who care, who want to make a difference, who want to heal the world, piercing the reflection that of perceived reality.

There are two world’s one is real and one is perceived to be real, those who cause the ripples see both and feel it’s need. Each person who has a desire to pierce the glass surface of society, who want to heal, have a mission on earth, they have a purpose and they embody hope.

Cause enough ripples and they become waves, waves of change, waves of hope. The waves slowly pass over the boundary between reflection and earth, becoming one and the same… the real world

We humans will always have the choice of embracing the reflection or the truth, if we embrace the truth then we accept our purpose and our mission. Each little thing that you do, each gift of giving, of caring makes a difference whether you believe it or not, your actions are those ripples in the reflection, you are hope.

To some of you this may seem like a loony tune on cartoon network, to some of you perhaps you will understand the true meaning of my words. To those who know my address I am not there if you want to send the straight jacket, send it to the moon for I am sipping a Martini with the Man and smiling down on you.

To the man in the moon, how about you?

15 thoughts on “The Man in the Moon and the two worlds he watches over…

  1. Cool. I’m feeling your love energy waves all the way down here on earth! Cheers to you, SA – I’m imagining sipping some wine right now! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    BTW, is that the moon’s real face on your pic, or is it photshopped (smile)- just curious. The man looks really happy and in full spirits today from South Africa!

  2. Thanks Cordie as always for your kind words, couldn’t find a southern hemisphere moon, the face looks a lot like that, he smiles down on us – that is a photoshopped smile unfortunately 😦 As you say Peace, Light, Love and Mwah! and cheers to you πŸ™‚

    ROFL Yeah that moon sure doesn’t know how to pace himself, he had two for my every one! Now he seems a bit fuzzy and hazy πŸ˜€ Feel sorry for him tomorrow tsk … hmm for me to!

    … wait or was it that I had two for his every one… hmmm loopy

  3. what i noticed was the man on the moon…here we consider it as an old lady making idlies…;)

    well the astro stuff in yahoo says that i am a “moon child”

  4. I joined you on the other side of the world, but not with a martini, but my beloved cabernet. I absolutely love the energy that the man in the moon gives us, always constant, always there; always reflected in the water of our perceptions. Any ripples that we make, through change, or hope, or transformation, makes the world a bit better……

    The thing that is so cool about the moon and stars to me? No matter where we live in the world, we all look up at the same ones….. kinda freaky in a cosmic sort of way. I had an older brother who died several years ago after being sick for a long time; he lived in California, so we were all very far from him while he was dying, but I would often think this phrase as comfort “We wish on the same star, look at the same moon…..” Thanks for reminding me! Hugs, V.

  5. Martha *clink* The man in the moon is a bit under the weather today, head in the clouds and all of that…

    V I love that saying as well and often tell my little man to look up at the moon when he misses me because I am looking at it as well, we see the same moon… Sorry about your brother, that is so sad! The one thing that we all see is the sky, only some can see its beauty… *Hugs*

  6. Thank you for your thoughts, I do appreciate it friend. Ah, it is so very true what you say about the fact that only some of us can really see the beauty of the sky; we are in awe of it in our family, and there are many nights I am outside with the dog, and just in complete wonder when I look up on a clear night. It amazes and humbles me…… V.

  7. It does the same for me, I can lie on my back and just stare at them for hours on end with a kiddie smile on my face in wonderment and awe… you don’t want to see how I jump around when I spot a shooting star… that is just funny!

  8. I bet it is great!!! Where we live is very much in the country, with few streetlights to hinder our sky view. We have such a view most nights, that it is as if we live in a planetarium!!!! We have gotten up in the night to see the meteor showers, amazing!!!!

  9. Lucky hmph we only get to have open planetarium nights when there are power cuts – normally only once a week… I dream of having it every night… the planetarium that is!!! I am yet to see a meteor shower, it must be one of the most beautiful things on “earth”

  10. We share a love of the moon..I was out last night taking pictures of the moon on the river!

    I do understand your meaning. πŸ™‚

    Tonight I will toast you with my wine..I’ll be out there again enjoying our moon again.

    Moon energies to you!

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