6 thoughts on “Can you hear the grasshopper?

  1. Hey lady,

    That was just wonderful. Now I think I have a better idea where the term “Grasshopper” might come from. Someone I know occasionally made a reference to it (but it’s before my time too).

    This is the kind of stuff I love. So much is conveyed in that one little clip. Awesome! So inspiring. Thank you.


  2. I have to say, it is NOT before my time; I never watched it regularly, but remember clearly it being on television.

    I think some people believe that the lessons of life will be a roar; in my experience, they are almost always a whisper, a very quiet voice or song, that teaches me to be aware and to not only hear, but to LISTEN……….

    Thank you, grasshopper……..

  3. Lessons stand out from the rest sometimes subtle sometimes blatant either way if we aren’t listening we do not hear. I love they way you put it, beautiful!

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