Graphic Play – Becoming

A simple graphic but with many symbolic representations. When I start out creating these images there is no plan, there is no idea in mind, they happen in a clear mind. This one is entitled Becoming, why? It is the transcension from the pre-awakened form to the new improved version.

The symbols are everywhere, for me it was much like spot the difference, perhaps it is the same for you.


The difference in the “old me” versus the “genuine meant to be me product” as I see them:

If you look at both their faces, you will see that they are vastly different. The one towards the back seems dissatisfied with life, the one in the fore bows his head in acceptance of being who he is, who he really is.

The neck line on the one in the back has no particular shape, the one in the front is in the form of a heart filled with white light.

The one in the back has no wings, he is disconnected from the other realms of being, the one in the front is spiritually connected.

The one is darker and seems shrouded, in the background, leading me to think that he is shrouded by society, fake outside projected to the world, his true self is in hiding from the world. The one in the fore is illuminated, he is more certain of himself and his place in the world through accepting who he is and his life’s purpose.

They both have the same shirt on but the one in the back carries labels, the one in the fore they are blanked out, he is more raw and stands as himself not as the world sees him.

The circles of light are the many hurdles and challenges that the one in the back, the old him, had to take in order to get to where he is now, evolved into to the person in the front. They are different colours and sizes symbolizing the variance of difficulty and risk.

That is my interpretation, what do you see?

6 thoughts on “Graphic Play – Becoming

  1. Ok Sanity Found, this one has stunned me! Both pictures remind me of Lady D. The one with definition in the back reminds me of how she was photographed most of the time; half heart happy; a saddend look in her eyes; desperately trying not to show her saddend soul; a smile, nevertheless; but a saddend smile. – The one in the front reminds me of how she must have felt and looked in the inside during those aweful days of ratzi media clicking; somewhat with no light or definition to her soul – a darkened unhappy soul trying desperately to display happiness to the outside world. Although the heart is defined, it appears somewhat hollow awaiting to be filled with love and acceptance.

    Peace, Light and Love

  2. I am ashamed to say that I don’t know too much about Lady D but am off to go read up on her, she sounds fascinating! I really like how you interpreted the image, our eyes often see different perspectives of things and yet often it is a similar understanding of the core… one of the reasons I love images with symbols and abstracts, they are what we make of it not the artist. In this case we are very similar πŸ™‚

  3. What is so interesting and intriguing to me about these two images, is that at first glance, for me, I assumed that the one in the front, the one with the head down, is the one that is more withdrawn, with the one in the back the one that is more open……until I take into account the various details that you describe, then, it all makes sense that it is actually the inverse of that. I at times, neglect to see the details in my surroundings, which is not always a bad thing; but it often creates an assumption about an image/person/circumstance if I do not pause to take in every last detail. What finalizes it in my mind the most is the intense light that is eminating from the image in the front; and the fact that the head bowed as if in prayer, gratitude, reflection. I absolutely love how you put this stuff together… amazes me and always challenges me to look at something in a new way………….V.

  4. V, that is the beauty of abstract, no one thought or view is wrong, it all has to do with the person looking at it’s perspective. Sometimes I to don’t pause to take in every detail, it depends on the image, moment or person, I am trying to become more aware lol. Thanks as always for your thoughts, I’m glad you enjoyed this one πŸ˜€

  5. What I find particularly poignant and appealling about this, is the sense of ‘surrender’ coming from the front person. As if they are bowing in total abandon to Life. NOT bowed in defeat…but the humble bow of those that understand that “true” power comes to each of us, as we live our lives authentically and with integrity.

    Well done πŸ™‚ I’m happy to have connected with you!

  6. Hi Grace, thanks for your kind words – I love your interpretation “true power comes to each of us, as we live our lives authentically and with integrity” how very true to life! Thanks again hun πŸ™‚

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