Comments I will not approve

I received a comment on one of my posts related to South Africa. I write this because I will not approve it but would like to state why I have made such a decision.

The comment was factual to a point the point that the numbers of murders it listed, the number of deaths caused by our current unrest and the past permanent unrest, the rapes as well as the current stand point of our government were correct. The comment however was also one sided.

I will not approve any comments that incite racism of any kind nor hate. The fact that I do this does not mean that I don’t see reality for what it is nor does it mean that I will remain silent. It does however mean that I am not one sided.

Does this make me wrong?

Does this imply that I don’t see reality for what it is?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding no.

To the person who wrote the comment, your views are noted, as they are on other websites, both public forums and the like. I don’t dispute the facts just your medium of sharing them. If this offends you then I am sorry, it is the way it is.

Veels geluk met wat jy doen, ek hou net nie van nie.

I am South African, I am colourless, my blog will remain so.

15 thoughts on “Comments I will not approve

  1. Your blog is your place to share your view and to build your own “home on the web” if you will. If you want it to be a place of calm and unification, that is your call. No one would fault Getting Past Your Past if she cut some comments that seriously hurt some of her readers emotionally. You shouldn’t feel bad. If they disagree, that is one thing, but respect is still important. Really, respect is the most important thing.

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  2. Thanks SB, I hold respect highly and it irks me when people hypocritically throw it around like a kitchen towel flicking this one and that.

    As I said my home is colourless only painted with the vibrant rainbow of souls and not that of temporary outer shells.

    Not justification but more putting my foot down lol, there are just somethings I will not take

  3. ey, you don’t need to justify that. your blog is your kingdom and you dictate what you want to happen to it. it is your blog. you have all rights to do whatever you want to do with and that includes declining comments. you can even play gods with it. *wink!*

  4. facts are facts. and not all facts are included, then it’s not fact, it’s opinion. 72.38% of statistics are made up on the spot.

    good for you.

  5. Amandzing … and as you know these are dangerous facts to throw around, thanks you 🙂

    Vishesh it takes all types from my experience, it is how we can know the difference between purple and red, good and evil, rain and sunshine…

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