Playing with the Moon

Tonight the moon and I had a glass of red wine, the first for me in a long time. We sat chatting about life, the universe and which star was doing what. The fairies and the hair monkeys, the visa’s and the wine. The wine was very special, see it is a South African brand and yet the bottle stated that it had been imported by a Californian company. Guess it MoonA-comes from having too many wine farmers in the family, that and friends (can never know too many wine farmers!).

After a while the moon said I should try something new, play a bit, free my mind and explore once more. I went and grabbed my camera and started snapping while sipping.

<– There is my A… they’re always dancing, perhaps you can spot the original moon, he was so cute, way cuter than a chimp I can tell you!

Writing with moon ink is is much like trying to write with a really soft paintbrush dipped in really diluted oils, messy. So I started practicing and finally graduated from the A’s tonight. Alas, as always, I got bored and so started creating shapes and drawing pretty pictures in the sky.

I am by no means an expert moon ink painter but I think I’ve found the perfect medium for me to play with. Something new, something fresh, something only the mind can really see, perfect for me.

Getting my eye in vs standing still while the gale force wind blew along with moving the camera to a certain pattern proved challenging to say the least but I think I started to get the hang of it.

The first was meant to be a dancer only this one ended up capturing a star – perhaps this is all in my mind, perhaps it is not…


I love abstracts so thought I’d throw a curve ball into the mix… in the photo below there are so many images that flood my mind, symbols, shapes, all sorts… what do you get? If at first you get nothing flip it around in your mind, personally I think the moon was playing tricks on me!


The moon and I have now set a date for tomorrow night as well, I can’t wait to spend some time with him again, he calms my soul and sparks the light within me.


15 thoughts on “Playing with the Moon

  1. WOW, you are so amazingly talented….. the second one reminds me of a wispy angel, just barely allowing you to know her presence. The last; at first glance, reminded me of a sea turtle for some reason, like reading the clouds…….then, after a moment, I saw Aladdin’s magic lamp. I am fascinated by how you create that which cannot be named, yet moon ink can create most anything for the imagination, yes??? My, the power and magic of the moon is an amazing thing. And, the wine only enhances the inspiration.

  2. @mmo Thanks you – yeah prob is every time I’ve done the Rorschach tests they told me that I have a food fetish cause all I saw was chocolate and different types of cake! Naturally I totally disagreed with them, I mean come on!

    VL hun you are the sweetest, thank you. The moon has a way of inspiring, energising and creating what ever the mind needs and creates! Know it won’t surprise you but I saw those two along with a bird and other things 🙂 Phew glad I am not the only one that reads clouds!!!

    SG Moon ink can mean many things, for me it is taking the camera and creating a motion trail with a 4 second shutter speed, tonight I will try 8 seconds 😀 Glad you liked!

  3. wow! these are beautiful! they are really very beautiful! i have a new cam and i want to try it. the problem is that i still don’t know how to deal with it. i was quite overwhelmed when i got it because i was used to using point and shoot. hmmmm… maybe i should ask your help. it’s just too fragile or so it seems to me…

  4. Very nice indeed what fun! The best way to learn is just by playing, trying it out and learning as you go. One of the reasons why digital is seen to be better than film although I still play with that one as well 😀 Have fun and share some along the way 🙂

  5. When you take photos at night without a flash you need the camera to be dead still or you get a motion trail. So when I took these I took them in Shutter priority on the cam and moved the camera in patterns to create the white glow from the moon – moon ink 🙂

    Then I added wings in Photoshop

  6. Woooowwwww….I am now standing with a lot of Pride as I am sooooooo Proud at my talented eldaaa sisters…These are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautifulaaaaallyyyy Mindblowing…! You are seriously BRILLIANT!

  7. Hayden – try it or better yet, a torch in a dark room, get someone to paint on a blank wall while you take photos 😀

    Martha Thanks you 🙂 These are basic, am practising!

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