You gotta love the Irish!



US President George W Bush is given a pot plant during a visit to a school in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Niall Carson, AP)

… I say no more …

13 thoughts on “You gotta love the Irish!

  1. Hmm George, the joke is on you. A **POT** plant?? The Mighty Bush also refers to the substance induced television program The Mighty Boosh

    P.S. George, please stop flying your choppers low over my house, when you drop in on Gordy for a cup of tea!

  2. Sheesh… you telling me he flies over your palace disturbing your flowers with no regard for your toupee!!!

    In SA “The Mighty Bush” Means a woman you don’t mess with or being whipped by a woman *shrug*

    Don’t you think he looks a bit like a goat eyeing out his food? “ooo yum yum baaa yellow flowers yum yum” Oh dang that is sheep for some reason they are on my mind…

    *No offence to Americans but the Irish took the cake today*

  3. Well for people of my generation it probably comes from having to spend most of your time at school trying to avoid a beating from (1) the teachers (2) the prefects and (3) the bullies. It’ll be interesting to see if this kink dies out now that it is not practiced in Schools, and that as an adult (I am reliably informed) you have to go out and pay for it

  4. *ahem* are you older than Mosley???

    Well there is definitely something to say about the British kink … perhaps the latter as you described is just a creative form of job creation?


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