Building a Nation brick by brick…

Tonight I figured out how to save a nation inspired by Brit in California with his post Plastic Food.

You see the principle is quite simple.  There are two major problems in South Africa at the moment, if not the world, they are namely HUNGER and HOMELESS. 

With this in mind and with help from Kellogg’s we have come up with a plan to solve both of these issues by using their Lego Stacks. 

Four boxes of Kellogg’s Lego Stacks will replace the current tin shacks populating all available spaces within our borders…

Hungry? No problem just nibble on a brick

Here is the advert that will be appearing in all 10 National newspapers this coming Monday.


14 thoughts on “Building a Nation brick by brick…

  1. So do crack me up as well SF!! And I’ll tell you that they really do make lego fruit snacks!! They are a pretty lame reproduction of them though. Very poor. They could have done a better job with all the money I’ve spent on lego’s in my life!!

  2. SB they really are edible and can you just imagine what kids will start doing with the real ones?

    Joy rofl I just heard they might make them with real fruit juice so at least the above will be healthy houses! Phew glad you enjoyed 😀

  3. Good idea! So you’ve sold world hunger and homelessness. How about the energy crisis? Melt these puppies down and voila – an alternative to corn-based biofuel!

    Next: war.

  4. Ilegirl I think you have just hit the nail on its proverbial head, I mean how ingenious!!! Know what you mean, I can just see it now, people stealing each other’s walls to melt it down in order to get the said biofuel bringing about a world war of mass bricks.

    No, not pretty so I think we must keep this one between us for nows till we come up with further plans, we save it for the cherry on the cake moment 😀

    SG rofl Mike n Ikes oh boy! Good news for the Mike n Ikes is that you can get these beauties off Amazon 😀

  5. Ooooo please send me photos – am serious if you are serious!!!

    PS You got it all wrong… it is you that built the village, you inspire it with your honesty, your thoughts and your wisdom, brick by brick 🙂

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