Safe sex & Others

Misleading title but it sounded funny…

Do you remember me telling you about the condoms our government was handing out in an AIDS campaign? Well this is it…


Here are a few more from around the world (surely … because surely it can’t all be in one country!). I can honestly admit to you now that I think its a good thing that I do not make signs for anyone, it is one industry I should avoid at all costs!!!


Ok folks, please take note of the above sign post and remember not to go fishing the next time you are near one of these!!!


*ahem* stuck? This is the perfect sign for me because I don’t know where left and right are in any case phew… this one really takes the pressure off you knows!


A bird after my own heart, inner rebel oh yeah!!!


Note to self: Get this one printed out and paste on forehead next to Meditate on this sign!


(Are they saying we must drive naked??? Guess we must all do it Mustang Sally style thens hmmmm)


Phew finally someone is saying it as it is!


Ok they didn’t quite like me coming round anymore, at first we thought it was my mothers third ex husband that catnapped poor Cooking Fat (yes spoonerism) but then we started to wonder…

Yeah sometimes life is just shocking! But dang it is funny!

New mission: Travel the world taking photos of funny signs and visit all places with funny names!

I am seriarse!

8 thoughts on “Safe sex & Others

  1. I haven’t knocked on your door in a day or two and you’re already laying sweet delicacies for me at the door! Doctors tell me too much sweet is not good for my health but in this case, “I beg to differ, Doc!.”

    You, my friend, amuse me – and boy, you’re so good at it, you amuse me and chase the rain clouds away, though of course they always come back now and then :]

  2. Glaize I am so glad that I chased those rain clouds away and got you smiling, what do docs know! Sheesh phew *shivers at the mention of doctors* lol

    Vishesh good question… no… on second thoughts a scary one!

    @mmo is it in submission nows? Tsk just shout if it isn’t, me and CS3 go way back πŸ™‚ *rubs hands together* she likes making people suffer πŸ˜€

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