2 + 2 = 5 in Africa

Ok folks it seems that everyone in the country is confused.

I spoke to a 5 year old the other day (yes not all of them are scared of me) and when I asked this little sample human who the president was… the kids answer was “Nelson Mandela” … yes dahlink we all wish this was the case but alas no.

The new word these days is “kill” normally used in the context of “We will kill for Zuma” (Zuma is next in line presidentosser). When put on the spot about this new chant and slogan of the youth league, Julius Melagomaniac Malema states that there is nothing wrong with getting the youth to chant about killing, besides apparently according to him, it is all Mandela’s fault for breaking free from Apartheid… Huh? For the record the word “kill” now means “support till death” … much like Nazi days, yes?

It seems our Government don’t even know who’s who in the zoo or rather jungle. I am however extremely surprised that the current leading party hasn’t blamed the mistake on the opposing team stating “It is the DA’s fault, they tried to manipulate the system to gain favours”. Sorry just that would be a pot calling the kettle black.

Mr Presidentosser your nation solutes you and the rest of Africa want’s your ass fired… “Zimbabwe’s leaders were approaching their country’s complex problems in a serious manner “in order to arrive at a stable solution. I’m glad to say that the leaders of Zimbabwe… are approaching this matter in that way,” he said… sorry erm come again? *shrug* Yers I will kiss your shoes sir but please please don’t infect me with politicus-bullshiticus cause I’ve had all my inoculations I swear!


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