Definition of a democratic and fair election

Apparently the Zimbabwe elections had the biggest turn out ever, people flocked in droves to cast their fair vote, indeed it was both democratic and fair, it was just as South Africa’s president said it would be.

When you speak to someone that is there, watching, voting, looking and seeing everything for what it is it has a tendency to fill you with a slight dose of rage.

Yes apparently everyone turned up for the elections, the reason? Yes there were free buses, cars, people were really helped to get to the polling stations. They went freely because they were told that, if they didn’t have the mark, violet dye on their index finger, the army would attack and kill them along with their family. Yip fabulous turn out as you can imagine, everyone had seen by then that these threats were meant, everyone had heard the screems.

The democratic and fair part, Mr Mbeki, comes in when lines upon lines of people stand waiting to cast their free vote. They stand for hours surrounded by big army tanks, finally they get to cast their vote only to have big army thugs check your voting paper to see if you’ve voted for Mugabe. If you were clever and ticked the box next to Dictators name you get a free pass, you get your life. If you didn’t vote Mugabe? Oh, no worries we hit you over the head with our little big guns, beat you till you can’t walk let alone breathe any more. Sorry you have kids, yeah sure we’ll do the same to them.

Free, fair and democratic, this is the definition in Africa

Ok so the news on the street is that Mugabe has actually lost his mind (no shit shurlock) and that the army is actually in control, Mugabe is but a muppet puppet now. Everyone thinks, and I have to agree with them, the army is shitting themselves because if Mugabe loses they will all be up for war crimes by the Hague. Makes sense.

I am sick of hearing about how fair the elections are in Zimbabwe, I am sick of speaking to family and friends hearing their horrors, hearing of the beatings, the senseless attacks, the beatings, the lawlessness.

Everyone that I have spoken to asks this question…

Why have the big “world” powers not stepped in like Afghanistan, like Iraq, like anywhere else … is it because they don’t have oil? is it because they are poor?

Hey those are the questions I’m just repeating them

Am I angry?


All I can really say is…

Leaders of Africa and leaders of the world… grow some balls!

End of subject

10 thoughts on “Definition of a democratic and fair election

  1. Wow, I thought we had it bad!!! All we have to do is listen to smear campaigns for a year in election years. I hate it. I’ll be glad when ours is over. It’s hard to believe things like this happen. I don’t expect they give you a cookie after you vote???

  2. This is my biggest problem… no cookies, I mean come on people!!!

    Tbh I think all elections are both a ridicularse and pure farse… yes there is a lot of arse 😀

    Hmmm now feel like a cookie!

  3. Maybe leaders of the European world like to forget about the crap in Africa since they would then have to face the fact that so much of it is their fault (trying forming nations after two hundred years of having your brightest young minds farmed for labor camps instead of building societies).

  4. Honey – these things in life absolutely suck. But there is a reason. We just have to wait to see what it is. Time will give us perspective (hopefully).

    I pray each day for our world and our brothers and sisters in it. I hope that we show each other mercy.

  5. I knows I try and remind myself of that every day I wake up – I was really fuelled after speaking to my cousin and hearing news of the family over there…

    Everything happens for a reason …

    I was meant to be in Zim today of all days but instead the plans were changed and I sit now in safe SA 😀

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