I am now officially an American-African


At first I was scared, then I was petrified, horrified then I scored a lousy 12 in Brit’s Fourth of July Quiz.

Did the quiz a second time and scored double, if I do it a third time and score 100% will the US give me access to freshly baked American cookies???

I speak your official language and everything… yes?

Fine, well I shall now sign off with my new cooler status

American-African finding insanity amongst the gun capped daisies

5 thoughts on “I am now officially an American-African

  1. Awwws thanks you, I think I will just come visit and drive you nuts lol – if Amazon blacklised the SA Post office I just don’t know if I’ll get any hmph

  2. I refused to take the test, like the good European I am, on the grounds that it didn’t appear to acknowledge the existence of anywhere outside the North American continent. (Does this mean all americans are incontinent?)

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