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Was tagged a while ago by Deeps over at Watering Roots and thought I’d see how long she’d take before she moaned in my earball – as I have said many times before, tag me and well *shrug*

This tag is about the brands that I use in my day to day living breathing sleeping life… so here goes


SAND – Africa’s Colgate, find that Blouberg Sand is far better tasting than Muizenberg Sand. I have been told it is for the fact that the blouberg has more fluoride and iodine in – all I know it makes my teeth whiter than white


WATER – quite a popular brand out here and so multi purpose. Due to its popularity though limitations have been put in place and the costs forever rising.

I love having this on blocks of frozen water with a slice of lemon…. yum


SUN – part of my beauty routine though I have to limit it as it tends to dry my skin out. Excellent vitamin A/D conversions and great colouring/foundation bronzer. Highly recommended though as I said, in small doses.image

MOON – A healthy dose of the moon puts me back on track, hard to explain it to you. Guess you will have to try this one out for yourself. (Just don’t share your wine with it!)


EARTH – Often branded as a planet as well (can get confusing at the best of times). I use Earth on a daily basis, it both grounds me and energises me beyond that of a redbull. Next time you’re feeling tired or loopy go sit outside on the ground, not on a chair. Put your hands out flat on the ground and close your eyes. You will feel the most incredible things.


TREE – Another multi purpose brand I tend to use often, more for climbing exercise than for the wood itself. Find it relaxing just getting into one and checkin out the lay of the land, highly recommended!


ITUNES – Music flows through my veins, keeps my heart pumping and my feet tapping. So useful in all sorts of situations. Irritarting voices? Turn up the volume. Need to calm down? Change track to “calm”…. you get the point. This is life force brand.image

LEGS – my current brand of transport, they are the most reliable, low emissions so they are good for the environment and even better still – they run on low fuel so they are very economical.


NICORETTE – wish this brand didn’t feature in my life but alas it does. If you’re quitting don’t go cold turkey like I tried… it almost drove me over the edge – I’m talking deep dark edge… moving along swiftly…


WINNIE THE POOH – Excellent brand for wisdom, inspiration or just a laugh and a giggle. I try to take a bit of WTP every day and eat the recommended honey on my toast and muffins…


AB COOKIES – The healthiest breakfast money can buy or an oven can bake. Comes in all different shapes, sizes and flavours. All are delisharse seen as I am a cookie fanatic *hands out plate of freshly baked AB cookies*

That’s it folks, the brands I use on a daily basis – that said there are many many more but I shan’t get in to that nor bore you with the details… ok fine, well, I have eclectic taste and don’t want to shock anyone… there you have it!

Tagged? Am lazy, I’ll admit it, if you are on my blogroll or want to play along you’ll make my day – no pressure (but I do dare you…)!

8 thoughts on “The Brand Wagon Tag

  1. Cheater Cheater…!!! LOL…!! Brillaint, and absolutely a very unique post!!!! Finally, it was put up…you know I am still working on the one that I am supposed to be doing for you.

    BTW, my site is “Empowering Roots” – LOL Watering Roots doesn’t sound that bad as well…. 🙂 And yes, that brand abt water…man!! even I cldn’t even think of that one…!! Fantastic you!

  2. Yers Empowering roots is the same as watering them but felt the intense need to silently rip you off due to the fact that you have been so nice to me and I am just not used to it see. Glads you liked banana!

  3. Very beautiful – thanks for taking the time to create such a beautiful Brand Wagon. BTW, what program are you using to make those beautiful buttons. As a graphics person, you know I noticed the clarity and sizes. Very appealing! And the spacing and arrangement is nicely done! I could go on and on . . . but anywho, Love your brandwagon – I suppose I’d be cheating if I simply jumped on your the brandwagon to complete this meme. PLL, CordieB.

  4. Cordie, thanks hun, you are the sweetest! Jump on and enjoy the ride, nah go for it would love to see what you came up with.
    I use Photoshop CS3 on all the images – the placement is made easy by Windows Live Writer – love both to bits and pieces! What graphic software do you use?

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