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Language of Elephants

Yes, I have been called an elephant a number of times in my life and for that reason I shall never divulge my true weight. Why they never called me Hippo I am still trying to work out, perhaps it is because my tail is wider than there’s?

Never mind, the fascinating thing about Elephants is the fact that they communicate in more ways that we think. Not only do they communicate via “above surface” communication they also have the knowledge and skills to make long distance calls.

Ok so when you stop laughing, hear me out, they really do make long distance calls. Wait, it gets better… Scientists even say that Elephants can raise long-distance alarms, offer advice, advertise love yearnings, or just swap greetings. Nuts right? These beautiful creatures can even distinguish between the rumbles of friends and strangers. Whoa I know.

Elephants aren’t so bad after all huh… sound a bit like humans in a way I guess (if you don’t believe just google it ok).

These big creatures feel the beats, tones and rhythms underneath the surface of the earth and know what their distant relatives are doing, feeling, if they need help, what ever it is, they know it. With humans it can be much the same, family and friends can connect and share a bond so powerful that we might know when someone is ill, in need or just thinking of us.

The internet these days helps us with our elephant language, in the past we had to count more on it, on our intuition with regards to people. My mother told me a while ago that back “in the olden days” our family counted on intuition like a life line. My grandmother knew that my grandfather was ok when he was in enemy territory, knew when he was in danger and when he was coming home.

There have been many such instances in my family, too many to bore you with, perhaps your family has the same? With the internet, in some cases I guess, our elephant language has become stronger. More people are able to connect where as previously it was just the people we bump into in the street, through friends, pen pals with snail mail and family.

No longer do we have to wait months to get a 5 page scrawl on what we think of a person in power, our thoughts on religion, our views on the world, latest discoveries, the events in our lives, friendship or love. Gone are those days, now we pop an email off with photos of our day or sentiments.

Now we find ourselves on this big spider web with invisible lines, here you are reading this post at the same time someone else is. That other person could very well be on their way to your blog. From your blog they may venture to someone else and then on to yet another unbeknown to them that the blogger 5 doors down is also reading yours or better yet a good friend of yours. A spider web of human spirit, like a worm in the sky, we travel and connect.

Our elephant language is evolving, we are “hearing” more people and feeling them, our words evoke reactions building friendships and stronger less invisible webs. Step by step we are making the web stronger, turning invisible bridges into solid masses of mutual respect and understanding. Bright lights in the dark night sky.

These days we don’t need to rely on our intuition so much as we did before or do we? The elephant language is evolving but is it really?

17 thoughts on “Language of Elephants

  1. What a fantastic post…so original and refreshing and full of truth.

    I’m learning something about myself – my elephant language is always on. I’m just not always listening! lol

  2. I’m getting well educated here 😀 hmm I wonder why school couldn’t be this fun. I’m an elephant I guess but I’m still figuring out the grounds I walk on. What? The ants could be sending wrong signals. Who knows what those underground creatures are doing.

    In reality, I don’t think it’s actually evolving. It’s just got better but we can’t still rely to this language 100%. 99.9% yes but never 100%. Intuition still works wonders 😀

    …or is it only me who keeps getting the name of one certain person on my phone screen, although I’ve been making calls to everyone except that person? So whenever that happens I’d call that person and sure enough something happened, good, bad, whichever.

    …wait! I guess the elephant language is evolving! It has fused itself with Tech – eureka! Now it’s much easier to stay in the web 🙂

  3. Hayden you got it spot on, forgot about that sheesh!

    Grace thank you for your kind words, indeed I too forget to listen sometimes, glad you enjoyed it!

    Glaize dahlink you are too sweet and dang girl you are funny! Love the idea that the certain person comes up on your screen when ever there is trouble, really sweets… Have I told you lately that you are a nutter? Lol

  4. God!! Yaaa! I never thought about that. Gosh! Wish you werent separated at birth from me – see now what happened to you. I turned into a young, smart, elegant lady while you into a mud loving animal 😛

  5. No dahlink it is so that you you still have the shape of that “elegant” neck for surely I would’ve strangled you a few seconds after birth.

    Dahlink I know this may come as a shock but someone has to tell you and who better than me right… You think of yourself as young because you are slightly “touched” in the head, yes you are very special… Elegance wise no one had the heart to tell you that underwear goes under the clothes, I am so sorry to tell you in this medium… its the only way.

    We love mud slinging, you are a pro… wonder where you learnt that huh 😉 Now go eat a banana will you sheesh who gave you baked beans today huh huh punk?

  6. Awwwwwwws *hugs* now now *pats lil sis on the head* go eat your Mac D’s that is payback for telling me… For the record if anyone mentions Starbucks its tickets… don’t do it, Africa is getting to me today.

  7. Awww am a nutter? Sheesh, that’s the best compliment anyone could give me 😀 now why can’t they all tell me that?? Cheers!

  8. You guys are to funny for words. I have to keep your blog until last in the morning or my coffee ends up on my monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sacrilege… can’t waste good coffee on monitors! Phew glad it isn’t the case… erm yes it would’ve been more had I not cheated – yers I cheated, not today, the other day.

    PS While she’s not lookin… glad you enjoyed Amber the chimp rofl am now lookin for new victim

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