Contradiction anyone? SA is serving them cold

Well perhaps the right word is “warm”.  Sex sex sex wow wow… Well apparently South Africa topped a global sex report on sexual protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids, all according to our friends Durex.  At the same time we hear that SA is also tops on HIV/Aids infections world wide.

I am impressed, so Durex tested 26,000 people out of 44 million and came up with those results.  Wait – 26,000 world wide. Thank you Durex you have restored my faith that the people of South Africa if not the world.  Truth is “reports” like these lead people to hop on the “all is well” band wagon ignoring the fact that we are being nailed (excuse the pun) every couple of minutes with another HIV/Aids casualty.

I quote our good president, one Mr Mbeki, “We do not have an HIV/Aids problem” – wonder why he thinks that, now I know, he is reading the wrong reports.  No I am not bashing the poor man although last week he did stand up in parliament and offered condolences to a North African country on the loss of a minister due to illness when in fact the minister was very much alive.

Now that said I much prefer this article on how Capetonians are “high on sex”. They did a snap poll of Capetonians which reveals that citizens of the Mother city count among the most sexually liberal individuals in South Africa.

What can I say… I live in free province where anything happens, in a country of contradictions and skewered politics.

Least we are all shagging right?

4 thoughts on “Contradiction anyone? SA is serving them cold

  1. Excellent piece. Of course we don’t have a HIV/AIDS problem in SA – especially because we have all these wonderful remedies like eating brocoli and others I would mention if it was later in the day (WTF?). SA is a country of contradictions and many many times I find it all very amuzing and colourful. But somehow I just can not bring myself to crack a smile when Thabo refuses to acknowledge our HIV/AIDS crisis…
    But can I blame him – clearly he has an issue with understanding the circle of life too – has he NOT watched the Lion King yet?

  2. He has a serial culture gap not watching Lion King, quite shocking really but alas I to can not crack a smile, it took an uncorrupted judge to stop the health minister from preaching garlic… what will it take for the rest? Thanks you, glad you enjoyed… Kudo’s to Cape Town rofl

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