Save World – new plan – spoof


9 thoughts on “Save World – new plan – spoof

  1. wow- your wit and creativity are growing exponentially, san…
    i personally love my weight, 150 lbs. I like being curvy! Also, when you get older its not so good to be too thin- the skin hangs and the face looks gaunt – IMHO…

  2. Lol thanks you guys, it was a collaboration between myself and an insomniac that had me in stitches – see what nonsense we get up to when we don’t sleep huh?

    Those scales are real and available in the US I just so want one as well!

  3. There has been a scientific study that says connects the amount of beer a person drinks to the body weight… More the body weight, more capacity that person has for beer… So, when people get drunk, it’s not because they drank too much, its because they’re too skinny! 😀 😀

  4. LOL god girlfriend you are tooo tooo much! I love this one. I thought the idea was that the skinny ppl had to take some of the weight from the fatties thus providing everyone with medium???

    this is a great one!

  5. Nikhil roflmao that explains everything – finally someone has shown me the light!!! Dang! Welcome to my humble abode!

    Amber yers but I got stuck on the wording of that one and by the time I was doing this promo certain people were snoring so loud I heard them in Africa… oi vey you know this one is “calm” me lol glads you enjoyed it!

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