Inspirations Daisy Chain

IDC Virus? Inspiration Daisy Chain, the fastest spreading virus known to mankind.

Inspiration is a daisy chain that intertwines and evolves. What most do not know is that this very Daisy Chain of Inspiration is the oldest and fastest spreading disease of our time and of times past.

It is so silent sometimes that it spreads with out people realising, people get infected by it but are totally unaware.image

Sometimes we do become aware but have no clue who we caught it from if not where. Such is the nature of this virus. Person by person the flowers get put into the chain, flowers of inspiration, full of colour, the virus spreads, the chain grows.

If one allows this virus to really incubate within us it starts to mutate into a disease of mass proportions. It spreads to every cell within our body and soon we to become infectious. Soon we find that when we smile others smile back, when we laugh from our belly up we soon find others laughing in hysterics as well, it spreads to everything we come near and everything we touch.

imageHumans can not escape this virus, we are all intertwined. I may inspire your soul today but it is you that touched mine yesterday. I may touch a soul today that will touch yours tomorrow and you will then go on to touch another an another as I will, as they will.

We are the daisy chain, each and every one of us in every moment of the day, we are intertwined working together, inspiring the world, inspiring each other.image

The Shona tribe in Southern Africa created a statue in honour of this virus, its flowing lines much like love, hope, laughter, friendship and inspiration… they all flow into each other and continue eternally.

Each one of us carries this virus within us, each of us spread it often without realising it. We are all bright lights in a dark night sky, it is up to us to cultivate that virus and insure that it mutates to an unstoppable disease.

May the virus of Inspiration spread with no cure

May you continue infecting people as you have me

May no one person be safe from it

Wear it proudly on your head, don’t ever be ashamed of being infected with this virus, don’t ever stop spreading it…




This post was inspired by so many different people, my life inspired daily by so many that some days I get dizzy with a smile on my face. To all of you I thank for inspiring me in each and every way.

9 thoughts on “Inspirations Daisy Chain

  1. You, my dear, are responsible for the infection of dozens of innocent bystanders…. thank goodness for you! I am grateful for catching that disease from you every day!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Lol I originally misspelt that one in the email as well so don’t feel alone! It is more our honour that you are a part of that daisy chain for we are all interlinked. Daisy Chains never ends. Glad you enjoyed the post šŸ˜€

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