National Sport, no one is safe!

A whole bunch of really funny people have been funny and chimped me yet again. Hmmm there is definitely something about the month of July for surely it has nothing to do with my innocent antics… ??? Don’t answer.

So if you would like to laugh hard along with me go have a looksee at the below… Please be warned though that I can’t really move around as I did yesterday, I pulled a stomach muscle. No, I am not joking…


Glaize as seen on the left in the Superman outfit she stole from Amber. In all honesty I believe I might just have an apprentice.

What you think Glaize, join the crew? More people chimped the more laughs had? See what you think folks… here is her chimpin’ of me… What a wonderful birthday

imageAmber seen singing here (right) with sister Joy and brother DM (left and middle) decided to do a bit of chimpin’ again (added to the A Picture of SanityFound Blogging). It seems my prized assistant has gone a bit erm wild… She got the whole crew together for a classic monkey dance with her post Celebrating InSanityFound’s 50,000 hits!!! OMG ROFLMAO!!!


Don’t forget to check out Cordie’s (yeah she is not all that innocent after all) harpoon on me… too classic for words!

InSanity Found Proverb of the Month

Guess if I harpoon I get harpooned may the harpooning continue and spread like a virus bringing laughter where ever it goes!

Thanks all, you made my dull day brighter

Deeps… don’t even think about it

12 thoughts on “National Sport, no one is safe!

  1. Getting to know you guys have been like a breath of fresh air. Aaawww….to funny. I’m still laughing over it. That Amber did good work. Congrats. I have a ways to go to catch up to you.

  2. Yeah Amber was a genius coming up with that video sheesh she got me so good I almost fell off my bed (it was close)

    Congrats on your milestone as well!!! Sneaky sneaky!

    Thanks Vishesh, go read those posts they are classics!!!

  3. Oh Vanessa you shouldn’t have given me an idea… hmmm soon she feels sooon…

    Right now can’t though, am currently practising the art of staying calm… 1x aerosol is complaining about a cup he dumped by the sink not being washed wtf *shrugs and breathes*

  4. Oh my dearest ISF. I can’t wait until August. . . . Another Month for the beautiful Insanity Found Calendar Proverb of the Month. Hee hee . . . PLL, Cordie B.

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