Men with small …. brains

I don’t mean only men but rather just the human race, saying humans or people just didn’t sound right to me.

In all honestly I have avoided the local news for many reasons, Zimbabwe’s fake talks – not one Zimbabwean believes it to be true or useful. They still have their 7pm curfews. They still fear their lives every moment of every day. They still have to cross the border to get milk and coffee. You go to the shop and there are different loaves of bread. There is more than just 500ml milk bottles and what is more you will find that you can choose between non fat, 2% and full cream… they don’t get a choice, if they get milk at all it is a miracle, if they get a loaf of bread that they didn’t have to bake there is a party. Jam or Jelly? Hell that is a true luxury to Zimbabweans.

In our news we get reports of who the police have caught because, yes, it is a true news worthy event, something that happens very rarely.

Cape Judge President Hlophe allegedly approached some of the Constitutional Court’s judges improperly while they were deciding on cases involving African National Congress president Jacob Zuma. That is the polite way of saying he tried to bribe them. Jacob Zuma is said to be the next president of our country, he is currently up for corruption and who knows what else.

The world loves Zuma because he says what they want him to say, the western world thought the same about Mugabe *shrug*. By the way what number wife is he on now? No not divorce I mean at the same time? Is it his 4th or 5th? Ah Africa we love you.

Right now for the big one that just solidifies in my mind why South Africa is the definition of hypocrisy and contradiction. One moment a politician is caught saying “The foreigners are taking all our jobs, they are causing all our problems” next moment we have Xenophobic attacks killing well over 50 people and causing devastation. Then the next week the lovely man from the ANC Youth League announces that they will kill for Zuma. Fabulous I tell you. Least now you know who you are currently killing for.  There is death everywhere we look. You know, it really does make me feel a bit more calm, a bit better, knowing there is a purpose and reason for all the killing, murder and pillage. The relief I can not quantify into words, heaven in Africa!

Sorry I got side tracked so easy once I get started on South Africa, can’t exactly just narrow it down considering there is so much to cover.

Now my favourite human in all of the world…

Jon Qwelane

He is a man that either has really small raisins, I mean forget prunes, I am talking raisins now or is gay and just can’t come to terms with it. What is the big fuss? I won’t add any more, Amandzing (Jon Qwelane) and Sanitypoint (Jon Qwelane is gay) said it all.

I just have one thing to ask…

What would happen if the topic was race?

What would happen if it was any other topic of human rights?

What would happen?

One day soon I will write about the similarities of then and now

You will be sickened to your core.



I will leave you with this….

Two recent court cases have earned the attention of newspaper readers in South Africa .

1. One person was fined R1 000 ($130) for not having a TV license.
2. Another was released on bail for R500 ($60) after being arrested for murder.

The moral of this South African story:

If you do not have a TV license and the inspector comes round, kill him. You’ll save R500.

….It’s the Right Thing To Do….

(yes we need licenses to own TV’s…)

9 thoughts on “Men with small …. brains

  1. BRILLIANT! Damn you’re good! I am SO upset by this, i cannot tell you!

    I’m even using CAPITALS and exclamation marks!

    all jokes aside, it appears the man has a very short memory of what it feels like to be discriminated against.

  2. So true amandzing. I was thinking that earlier as well. But Jon probably feels that we as gay people have no rights in the first place…Africa I tell you…!! Discrimination is serious and gay people are now facing even more prejudice in the name of free speech.

  3. Thanks you – It seems that that is a general problem within South Africa, if not the world. We are a world of hypocrites. The thing that I have come to realise is that here in our world Race is the only no no all other human rights just don’t matter.

    I am going to post something soon that is scary, later lol. RIDICULARSE! See am using capitals as well – Welcome to the Jungle baby!

  4. Fixator, welcome and thanks – glad we all agree

    Sadly we are one of the first countries in the world to legalize and recognise same sex marriage as well as be proud in our festivals and celebrations…


  5. I think what frustrates me the most about the words, and they have been stated here by politicians especially in the US, is equating gay marriage, or even gay relationships, with sex or intimacy with animals. It is disgusting and absolutely ridiculous, just like grouping homosexuality with sexual predators and rapists at times. I always wonder about the persons who are sickened by it the most; me thinks thou dost protest too much……..

  6. Me thinks I agree with you … they give true meaning to the word “aerosols”. Have you ever read the book “Filth” by Irvine Welsh? These arsewipes remind me of the main character in there…

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