There is no fix for stupid

Got this in an email but I just want to state for the record that it was NOT me driving. End of Note.


I could have sworn I hit the brake pedal!
Car upside down in the bay – see guy standing on it? Call out the wrecker!


Coming back up…coming…coming


Coming…almost there!



I could have sworn I set the brakes on that truck!

Time to get a Bigger Wrecker!

image image

Ok, we got the car…let’s get the other wrecker now!

O…O…oohhh No!!
Who’s gonna explain this one to the insurance guys?

SEE…your day has not been so bad after all…

11 thoughts on “There is no fix for stupid

  1. ROFLMAO OMG Joy I thought the very same thing – I mean each and every single time I am missing in action! Sheesh

    FW – only when I am there with camera dang could’ve sold these for a fortune!!!

  2. For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction – Isaac Newton

    Not wanting to be a know-it-all, but looking at these series of events I think Isaac had it wrong.

    Physics of the Universe according to Tomy McG: For every action (of a complete idiot) there is a much bigger reaction (of an even bigger idiot)

    This explains more clearly why the world is in such a mess
    P.S. Love your blog & snse of humour, you are so in my RSS reader as of now…..
    Greetings from Tasmania 🙂

  3. Hayden LMAO right along with ya

    Enreal crazy indeed! lol

    Tony I think you hit the nail on the head, Isaac got it allllll wrong I tell you! Thanks for the add and glad you’re enjoyin’ Hi to Tasmania from SA, you guys still breeding devils?

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